SchwartzReport: Supreme Court vs. Monsanto, Autisim, Obesity, & Premature Puberty All Because of Corrupt Food Practices

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schwartz reportLike a car careening down a mountain road, we seem unable as a people and as a nation to gain control of our government and to make it serve national wellness instead of profit. Day after day these stories track the degradation of our quality of life.

Only mass demonstrations and mass voting is going to change this, and we seem to lack the political will as citizens to do either. We hate Congress, but most love their Congressperson, seeing no contradiction.

Monsanto’s Death Grip on Your Food
FRITZ KREISS – Nation of Change

Our children are obese because of the “foods” they eat. They have diabetes because of the high fructose corn syrup. We have girls experiencing menarche at 9, and breast development at 10 because of the hormones they unwittingly absorb because of industrial animal husbandry. And now we are discovering a growing number of them are autistic. The list goes on an on, all resulting from a society that is structur! ed for maximum profit for the few.

CDC: One in 50 U.S. School Kids Has Autism

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Phi Beta Iota:  The Supreme Court’s recent decision in favor of “first sale” rights of buyers for resale was a small victory for the public.  If they rule against Monsanto on the same basis (plus clever land-owners should be suing Montanto for unwanted trespass and deprivation of property), there is a small flame of reason left in the Supreme Court.  If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Monsanto, this could be the precipitant that drives angry farmers with guns to start murdering Montanto representatives on sight, with local sherriff’s concurring that they are merely exercising their rights with respect to pest control.  We are on the brink of revolution in America, and evidently no one in Washington D.C. has any idea just how bad things are beyond the beltway.  The deficit does not matter at this point — the Chicago Plan should be executed.  What matters is no more borrowing, end the Federal Reserve, restore community banks and 75% reserves, and cut the federal budget in half — the half that is documented fraud, waste, and abuse.  That is all do-able, but it demands intelligence with integrity, and there is nothing in the current combination of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the US National Intelligence Community that offers any possibility of achieving ethical evidence-based decision support for Whole of Government now or in the future.  That is righteous goal.  As Ada Bozeman teaches us, intelligence must be “of the whole” and not restricted as it is today.

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