SchwartzReport: BP Does Not Pay Out, Continues to Screw the Gulf Coast, Uses Its Own Police to Block Journalists, Local Politicians Are Collaborating with BP Agains the Public…

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schwartz reportThe story has passed from the media's attention. If you listen to the mainstream media, and look at all those cozy, “come on down y'all” ads BP has put up on television, things have returned as if the oil spill never happened. As this story makes clear, it is all an Orwellian propaganda lie. I ran this story because a reader on the Gulf Coast wrote to tell me t! hat whatever I thought was going on, human lives, the coast, and the ecosystem were still devastated. This carbon energy crisis may not really be over for years; indeed, things may never be as they once were.

The Gulf Coast May Never Recover
MAUREEN NANDINI MITRA, Managing Editor – Earth Island Journal


Most people I know who have been directly affected by the spill have lost faith in the recovery process. They tried to give BP the benefit of the doubt and work with [claims czar Kenneth] Feinberg, who was tasked by BP to handle the claims after the initial claims process failed. People were asked to fill out paperwork over and over again and their claims were still rejected for reasons not made clear to them. No one seems satisfied that their elected officials fought the fight for them. Most of them don't believe any money will trickle down to them at all.

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