Graphic: First Cut on Human Factors and Technology for UN EU NATO, AU (Africa), CELAC (Americas) and RCEP (Asia) OSE/M4IS2

Advanced Cyber/IO, Africa, Analysis, Autonomous Internet, Balance, Capabilities-Force Structure, Citizen-Centered, Collection, Education, Geospatial, Graphics, ICT-IT, Innovation, Languages-Translation, Leadership-Integrity, Multinational Plus, Policies-Harmonization, Political, Processing, Reform, Resilience, Strategy-Holistic Coherence, Threats, Tribes, True Cost, United Nations
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SLIDE:  Human Factors & Technology at Four Levels 1.1

Phi Beta Iota:  This slide was inspired by the National Defense University session on Peacekeeping Technology for the Protection of Civilians, and particularly by the impassioned final presentation of the African participant who focused on the reality that no one in the West bothers to do functional requirements analysis at the indigenous level before doing uninvited interventions that inevitably do more damage than good.  For a book length treatment of this problem (intervention making things worse, see Shawcross below.

See Also

29 May 2013 1000-1200 NDU DC Dr. Walter Dorn, Peacekeeping Technology for the Protection of Civilians

De Jong, Ben, Weiss Platje and Robert David Steele (eds.) (2003).  PEACEKEEPING INTELLIGENCE: Emerging Concepts for the Future.  Oakton, VA: OSS International Press.

Shawcross, William (2001).  Deliver Us from Evil: Peacekeepers, Warlords and a World of Endless Conflict.  Simon & Schuster.

Walter Dorn: Technology for Peacekeeping + PKI RECAP

Search: phd topics on the role of intelligence in peace support operation + Peacekeeping RECAP

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