Jim W. Dean: Peace Activists are Extremists? Call DHS Stupid and Be Labeled a Terrorist?

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Jim W. Dean
Jim W. Dean

Homeland Security Blames Boston on Public

Homeland Security admits Boston security failure


But it gets worse. When those in their own ranks try to bring attention to huge security holes in their operations the DHS’s full resources are put upon them, wasting more taxpayer money chasing bogus ‘domestic’ security threats.

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The Obama administration has done nothing about the story I am about to tell you, and our ‘free press’ has suppressed it. Even the famous investigative journalism show, 60 Minutes, never aired their interview with DHS officer/supervisor for Customs and Border Protection, Julia Davis, back in 2004.

Julia Davis reported a Homeland Security failure to the FBI and was designated a domestic terrorist, at one point having 54 investigations going against her.

Briefly, Ms. Davis got intelligence that 23 foreign visitors from terrorist watch list countries were going to be passing through one of our southern border crossing points when there was Intel chatter about a Fourth of July attack. The average at the time was only 5 to 10 of these entries a month.

When she passed the word up her chain of command she was told not to worry about it. She later found out that Border Intel authorities responsible for debriefing such people were attending a July 4th barbecue… taking the day off.

So being the good soldier that she was and honoring the oath of office that she took, she informed the FBI so someone would know that these people were all going to be passed through with no special interviews. She did not go outside the chain of command. She did her job.

DHS subsequently came down on her like a ton of bricks. To circumvent all of her constitutional rights they simply classified her as a ‘domestic terrorist’. That’s right folks, that’s exactly what they did, which meant DHS could do just about anything they wanted to her without needing to get warrants.

At the peak of the harassment she endured, DHS had 54 investigations ongoing at God only knows the cost to the taxpayers. Her home was raided with a Black Hawk helicopter and 27-man SWAT team, a larger force than that used on the bin Laden compound in Pakistan. She was arrested twice, imprisoned, and then completely cleared of any wrong doing.

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Phi Beta Iota:  We have no direct knowledge.  The focus here is not on whether Boston was a false flag, but rather whether it was a failure. The combination of unaccountable authority, bureaucracy, funding based on theater instead of intelligence, and unchecked secrecy, does appear to be a threat to the Constitution, the Republic, and the future of the youth of America.

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