Marcus Aurelius: CRS Overview of UCP & COCOMs

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Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

Reading between the lines recommended.

PDF (72 pages):  2013-01-03 CRS on UCP and COCOMS

Phi Beta Iota:  Buried in the small print are severe shortcomings in intelligence support to strategy, policy, acquisition, and operations around the world; TRANSCOM thinking that Guam comprises a long-haul strategy; the Arctic uncovered and the Antarctic ignored; and at the very end, a tiny mention of the alternative concept of joint inter-agency commands–and of course no mention at all of the key concepts of Network-Enabled Capabilities, OSE (technical solution) and M4IS2 (human solution).  The new National Security Advisor is inheriting a gawd-awful mess that is out of control, out of money, out of imagination and out of integrity.

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