SchwartzReport: National Security Machine Focused on US Public & Repressing Dissent

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schwartz reportThis is one of the most important essays SR has ever published. Here, I believe you see the real reason for the creation of the security apparat. Terrorism is its second, but public, brief. Its real brief is to prepare for climate change. When you cut through what flows out of the Aegean Stable! s that is the Congress, you find that in the civil and military bureaucracies they are laying track for what they see coming.

This should definitely give you pause.

Pentagon Bracing for Public Dissent Over Climate and Energy Shocks
DR. NAFEEZ MOSADDEQ AHMED, Executive Director of the Institute for Policy Research & Development – The Guardian (U.K.)

Phi Beta Iota:  Multiple contributing editors sought to post this item, we settled on the SchwartzReport as the lowest common denominator.  We do not rear the Pentagon — or even DHS — they are bureaucracies doing what bureaucracies do when led by gerbils.  Barack Obama is at a fork in the road — he can continue to do the wrong things righter, or he can break from the mold and do the right thing.  The US public cannot be repressed if everything the government is doing is wrong and deepening the socio-economic catastrophe at home.  The only “out” that will work is to do the right thing, stabilize the world, stop all the corruption in our own government, and get on with being righteous instead of predatory.

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