David Sabow: White House/Pentagon/CIA Iran Contra Drug Running — and Destruction of Senator Gary Hart to Stop Investigation

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David Sabow
David Sabow

This is NOT speculation. Everything told here is documented and supported by a Tosh Plumlee's testimony and supported by letters from Senator Gary Hart to the “Kerry Commission”. I have copies of the letters.  David

Phi Beta Iota: This series by Dr. David Sabow is posted in honor of his brother Col James Sabow, USMC (Aviation), murdered at the direction of Marine Corps General Officers co-conspiring with the CIA to introduce drugs into the USA in the 1980's and early 1990's.  We note with interest that Senator John Kerry, today Secretary of State, became complicit after the fact.  The truth at any cost lowers all others costs.  The day is coming when the public appreciates the truth, and the freedom and dignity and prosperity that the truth can bring to a community and to its governance.

David Sabow: Posted on my Face Book Page in ref to John Carman contact and reply.

John very interesting background. That's what I meant when I said you paid some dues.

I don't know those people you worked with but that doesn't mean anything.

I flew into China Lakes a few times in the eighties and early nineties, and into El Toro's Marine Naval Air Station for mostly refueling before going on the “Roster Hop' to Mexico and Central America, in operation Penetrate. That was mostly in the early stages of what would be later called Iran Contra.

Old surplus military weapons were being retrofitted by a company near China Lakes, loaded on C130's at China Lakes, We were refueled at El Toro and flown on to Costa Rico, eventuality going to the Contra's new southern front (a little before Col.Ollie North came on scene. This was done by the Reagan Administration in order to skirt the ‘Boland Amendment” That was also the start of the so called Reagan Drug War (approx. 80's -90's drugs for guns–guns for drugs to secretly fund the operation)

In the early eighties Senator Gary Hart's security advisor and I started logging and documenting this operation for my protection. Senator Hart received detailed documentation and arial maps with notations of the fly ways and contacts in Costa Rico, Mexico, and El Salvador. This was “before the Fact” information and done for my safety in case I got busted, or the operations were exposed.

Senator Hart's Security Advisor Bill Holen also contacted other Senate House members in behalf of Senator Hart for the purpose of starting an investigation into these “illegal” activities. (note: Senator Hart's bid for President was Sabotaged because of his knowledge and attempts to get the matter of gun and drug running by federal agents from Central America and Mexico, investigated)

The operation was a sanction W/H Pentagon operation ran out of the White House and the NSC, Pentagon, with CIA support. Senator Hart eventually turned all the information over to the Senate Arms Service Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for investigation. However, neither Committee looked into the matter, and refuse to investigate. It was blocked by Reagan Bush White House, and the operations continued unimpeded until after the Iran Contra broke in 1985. Col O North became the clean up person for the Reagan Administration and remains so today via FOX News.

Ki Ki Camarena knew (found out via CIA contacts) about the weapons going to the Contra via Mexico and reported to his supervisors and the people running the Contra (CIA) had him picked up by Mexican drug runners and things got out of hand and we now know the rest of the story concerning KiKI's fate.

Also Marine Col James Sabow later (1990) also found out about previous weapons and current weapon shipments going south and drugs coming back through El Toro and he too got whacked because of his knowledge and his closed (on base) investigation This a rough synopsis, but it is documented and still categorized Committee Sensitive by Senator John Kerry's Sub Committee investigations of Iran Contra drug and gun running. Oct 17, 2013 Wm R. (Tosh) Plumlee.

Phi Beta  Iota: It is important to note that often the Pentagon and CIA will do terrible things because they have been told to do so by a White House somewhat divorced from ethics and the national interest.  At the same time, there are elements of the Pentagon and the CIA that are completely out of control, often beyond the knowledge of any given White House.  This is one reason why pervasive ruthless counterintelligence (not to be confused with pervasive useless surveillance) is the essential foundation for the future of the Republic.  It you cannot keep your own house in order, everything else is divorced from reality…you are working on a foundation of traitors within.

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