John Steiner: US “War on Terror” Has INCREASED Terrorism

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John Steiner
John Steiner

From Gary Sycalik

Fellow earth-travelers,

An exceedingly important article / blog is copied below.  It involves the War on Terror.  

The very important rule rule is “Follow-the-Money.” So, when applied to the War on Terror what do we find?  Perhaps, we find a tremendous strengthening of the Military-Industrial-Complex, a substantiation for unconscionable U.S. military budgets (to the determent of other budget areas such as education) and exceedingly huge profits of such corporate giants as Halliburton.  According to a 2012 article in the Huffington Post, the  U.S. spends more than China, Japan, UK, France, and Russia combined.  More than all these added together.  Russia spent 52.7 billion while the United States spent 695.7 billion (Not counting off the books stuff such as ‘black ops.”)

Could the War on Terror really be, substantially (and pivotally), about power and money?  And until the majority of we, the people, become realistic about the ‘why’ of ‘things’, shine light into the shadows of secrecy, and demand appropriate responsible action from government and corporate leaders, the very few will control the many to the determent of the citizen-public.   Consider this; existing corporate-government relationships are insidious in nature and dangerous in fact.  President Eisenhower warned us about the this relationship (military-industrial complex) as he left office.  Why do you think he waited to do so at the end of his presidency?  Think about it.  A more balanced relationship can be created.  Actually, it must be if our country is to be sustainable and viable in the future.  I want a sustainable and viable country.  I assume that you do too.

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U.S. “War On Terror” Has INCREASED Terrorism

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Charts Show that U.S. Policy Has Increased Terror Attacks

The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) Global Terrorism Database – part of a joint government-university program on terrorism –  is hosted at the University of Maryland.

START is the most comprehensive open source terrorism database, which can be viewed by journalists and civilians lacking national security clearance.

A quick review of charts from the START database show that terrorism has increased in the last 9 years since the U.S. started its “war on terror”.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

This chart shows the number of terror attacks conducted in Iraq:

See compelling charts and rest of article.

Phi Beta Iota: The article and the charts do not address the financial terrorism of the City of London and Wall Street that have destroyed entire national economies, and particularly those of the USA, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Greece.  Iceland, alone, had the integrity and intelligence to stuff the bankers into jail.


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