Penguin: Wikileaks Exposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership for What It Is — Secret Predatory Corporate Corruption Enabled by Secret Government Complicty in Looting the Public Purse

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Who, Me?
Who, Me?

WikiLeaks releases major trade agreement draft chapter

The TPP, based on the draft chapter, seems set to be yet another boon for corporate interests


The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement — an international trade agreement some years in the making between major world powers including the U.S., Canada and Japan — has seemed in some minor jeopardy over revelations that the NSA has secretly been spying on ally world leaders. Secretary of State John Kerry has been in damage control mode to keep the deal afloat and on schedule.

On Tuesday, WikiLeaks offered a peak into the trade agreement, publishing a leaked draft chapter. Predictably, the TPP promises to be a deal in the interest of major corporations above consumers. Having received an exclusive early view of the draft from WikiLeaks, the Sydney Morning Herald called it a “bitter medicine.”

Via the Sydney Morning Herald:

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