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VT logoKevin Barrett: Confession, jury verdict prove CIA killed JFK

At least fifty people have been murdered to cover up the CIA’s assassination of JFK, as explained in the book Hit List by Richard Belzer and David Wayne. A few of them, including Dorothy Kilgallen and Mary Meyer, were journalists or writers who were poised to blow the case wide open. But in the US stealth police state, unlike overt police states, psychological rather than physical means are usually employed to silence serious opposition.

Several people involved in the CIA’s assassination of JFK have confessed, including Chauncey Holt, David Sanchez Morales, and even Lyndon Johnson. But the star witness among the confessed JFK assassins is CIA officer E. Howard Hunt, who, on February 6th, 1985, was legally found by a jury to have participated in the CIA’s assassination of JFK.

Bob Johnson: The Mistake the Killers of JFK Made

Includes copy of John McCone letter on Oswald being trained by and working for the CIA. Focus on how technology — the Zapruder film — undermined the best-laid plans.

President Kennedy made a profound and very true statement when he said,

“With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own.”

Allen L. Roland: JFK Assassination – The Death of Hope

Here, in a nut shell, is what really happened on November 22,1963

The Secret Service stood down.

Dallas and Texas law enforcement stood down.

Military intelligence, which is normally enrolled to provide presidential security, stood down.

The FBI stood down.

These elements opened the door to the assassination, but did not have the resources to deliver the shooters and the complicated cover story and witness elimination program that followed.

Corrupt elements of the CIA and their long term friends and colleagues in organized crime did. And they did it because their very survival was at stake.

After decades of non-investigation by the epically corrupt J. Edgar Hoover, organized crime was on the receiving end of a massive attack by Robert Kennedy ~ the president’s brother and Attorney General.

At the same time, his brother was going after organized crime, JFK was going after the criminal elements that had taken over the CIA.

Phi Beta Iota: The truth is now known to all who are capable of reading and thinking for themselves. It has not yet converged in the larger public consciousness with similar truths about the assassination of Martin Luther King, Iran-Contra and the Crack Cocaine Exploision, CIA, Saudi, and Israeli sponsorship of terrorism, and 9/11.  This will happen eventually, inevitably.  When it does, the American public will rise to the glory of John 8:32 “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” CIA, good people trapped in a bad system, has disgraced the Republic for a half century, and is long overdue for a radical house-cleaning, at the same time that the two-party tyranny is dissolved and all banks and corporations brought back in line with their public charters.

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