Jim Fetzer: 9/11 – World Swirling in Volcano of Lies

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Jim Fetzer
Jim Fetzer

9/11 – World Swirling in Volcano of Lies

by Dennis Cimino with Jim Fetzer

Veterans Today, 14 February 2014

BREAKING NEWS: We have found a resolution that validates and integrates three apparently inconsistent positions (on the use of big nukes, small nukes and nanothermite) from respected experts on 9/11.

The contentious debate over how the Twin Towers were destroyed has pitted those favoring large (“basement”) nukes against those identifying small nukes distributed in the elevator shafts throughout the buildings against those promoting thermite (or “nanothermite”).

Some of the most interesting and important research on the mode of destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) on 9/11 has come from “the Anonymous Physicist”, who has endorsed the use of mini or micro nukes but has also suggested that a mix of devices was employed.

Having devoted several articles to the destruction of the Twin Towers and perhaps also of WTC-7 (“Building 7″) using mini or micro nukes, I regard it as of scientific value to review the bidding from time to time, in case something significant may have been overlooked.

The Anonymous Physicist has drawn a parallel between the efforts that have been made to obfuscate and confound the public about the death of JFK, which has been comparable to what has been done in relation to 9/11.  As he observes,

With the analogous JFK assassination, when enough people saw that the patsy Oswald (himself CIA/ONI) could not be the culprit shooting from behind, as the fatal shot was from the front; the PTB put out a “Babel” of CONTROLLED alternatives: Mafia, LBJ, Cubans, Grassy Knoll, rogue elements, etc (some of which were involved). All of that was to hide the horrifying, ultimate truth that the alleged government protector did it—as has been discussed by Spooked previously.

With 9/11, the Babel of planes/fuel/gravity, thermite/thermate, DEW, car bombs in the basement, and surely more to come, was waiting when a critical mass of people rejected the (always) ludicrous, official, “investigation” conclusion. The massive, rapid outward—as well as downward and upward—explosions of the two towers, the toasted cars (but not paper), and popping ceiling lights (Ondrovic—see below), the micron-sized dustification of tower contents, the levels of tritium and heavy metals, the underground molten steel and high temperatures weeks and months later, all can only be accounted for by nuclear devices and their EMPs.

He agrees with the Finnish expert that fission-free fusion devices were likely used, where the Finnish expert states that a 1 kiloton (TNT equivalent) basement fusion device was used on each tower. However, the Anonymous Physicist:

(a) believes that a total of 1/10th of that amount was more than sufficient, including the power needed for vaporization/dustification of each tower’s contents.

(b) believes this 1/10th kt total-energy-per-tower occurred in several blasts (per tower), and in just one per other WTC buildings (possibly 3, 4, 5, 6); and,

(c) believes that WTC-7 did not have a nuclear device used during “collapse” but could have had one just afterwards to vaporize evidence as all the federal alphabet agencies were in that building,–and it would have been the likely planning/command center for 9/11 with a lot of evidence to be definitively “lost.”

In this article, Dennis Cimino, who has made multiple contributions to the study of 9/11, Sandy Hook and other staged events, reconsiders the views of Dimitri Khazelov, which he suspects may hold new significance for at least one aspect of 9/11, even while continuing to endorse the pivotal role of micro or mini nukes.

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