Owl: CDC Whistleblower Reveals Massive US Government – Corporate — Media Complicity in Concealing Vaccine Cause of Autism — 340% Increased Risk Documented Long Ago — Lawsuits Planned Legions of Parents Anguished

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

Major CDC Cover-up on Connection of Vaccines and Autism is About to Blow Open Like Mount Vesuvius

This story about a very big cover-up on the link between vaccines and autism committed by the CDC has been making the rounds on alternative media for the last ten days. The implications to be seen in this story so far are like the loud rumblings of a volcano about to blow. But if this volcano of a cover-up does blow open very soon into the mainstream, as is most likely – since alternative media outlets have reported on massive lawsuits being planned – given the connection, in this case to African-American children, this promises to rain down on the public a greater-than-ever-before awareness of corporatist-government collusion and corruption occurring on a massive, never-seen-before scale. Until now, the identity of the CDC whistle-blower was kept a secret, but his name is now out (highlights are mine):

“The CDC whistleblower who has come forward with proof that the CDC knowingly covered up scientific evidence linking the MMR vaccine to autism has now been revealed as William W. Thompson, PhD.

Natural News has acquired a letter from William Thompson to former CDC head Dr. Julie Gerberding, dated February 2nd, 2004. The date of this letter is important because a pivotal Institute of Medicine (IoM) meeting on vaccine safety took place just one week later on February 9th. (See the full letter below.)

In this letter, William Thompson says he will be “presenting the summary of our results from the Metropolitan Atlanta Autism Case-Control Study,” and he laments that the data will show MMR vaccines cause an increased risk of autism in youth African-American babies. He explains “I will have to present several problematic results relating to statistical associations between the receipt of MMR vaccine and autism.”

He then goes on to implore Dr. Gerberding to respond to questions that had been raised by “Representative David Weldon” regarding the integrity of CDC scientists working in the immunization program. He also explains that the CDC has been covering up the truth about the safety problems the agency’s own scientists had documented with vaccines, saying:

I’ve repeatedly told individuals in the [National Immunization Program Office of Directors] over the last several years that they’re doing a very poor job representing immunization safety issues and that we’re losing the public relations war.

In response to this letter, the CDC took deliberate action to retroactively alter the outcome of the autism study by arbitrarily eliminating most subjects from the study, thereby shrinking the sample size to a small data set which would not achieve statistical significance. This is a clear and irrefutable case of scientific fraud. This fraud allowed CDC scientists such as Colleen Boyle to testify before Congress that there was “no credible link” between MMR vaccines and autism.”

As can be expected, the corporatist-mainstream media is desperately attempting to hide this story:

“The mainstream media is pulling out all the stops to try to memory hole this breaking news story. When a citizen journalist posted the facts of the story to a CNN iReport page, CNN quickly removed it to prevent the public from learning the truth about this extraordinary moment in medical history. The story has now been reposted at another CNN iReport page which will no doubt be censored and removed by CNN very quickly as well. But here’s the screen shot of what this page showed at the time of this writing:

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

All other mainstream media news sources, including the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, etc., have been ordered to deliberately censor this story, just as Natural News reported last week. There is a desperate attempt under way right now to silence the CDC whistleblower and sweep this entire story under the rug before it explodes beyond the control of the corporate-run media.”

One hopes Dr. Thompson has very good security to protect his life, as his works seriously threatens a billion dollar industry.


CDC whistleblower’s secret letter to Gerberding released by Natural News as mainstream media desperately censors explosive story

Robert Steele
Robert Steele

ROBERT STEELE: This is an atrocity — a crime against humanity, a betrayal of the public trust, and a clear case where a retrospective Truth & Reconciliation Commission should hold the US Government personalities, policies, and programmatic expenditures accountable. If the secret US intelligence community had listened from 1990 onwards, we would now have a Smart Nation with a robust counterintelligence capability, and such crimes against the public would be impossible to commit, condone, or conceal. Intelligence with integrity — a righteous ambition in the public interest.

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