Eagle: Max Boot on Ten Lessons for Counterinsurgency

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300 Million Talons...
300 Million Talons…

More Small Wars: Counterinsurgency Is Here to Stay

Max Boot

Foreign Affairs, November/December 2014

Since Washington doesn’t have the luxury of simply avoiding insurgencies, then, the best strategy would be to fight them better. Drawn from more than a decade of war, here are ten lessons for how to do so, which U.S. policymakers, soldiers, diplomats, and spies should keep in mind as they try to deal with the chaotic conflicts to come.

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ROBERT STEELE: A lovely article at the operational and tactical level. It completely by-passes the lack of intelligence and integrity across the entire US Government, and particularly within the White House and the Cabinet, and within Congress. Money drives what we do, not ethical evidence-based decision-support. Financial, religious, and ideological traitors drive what we do, not well-informed well-intentioned civil servants. Until we achieve Electoral Reform and restore the common sense of the public — and until we end the ability of government to print money for endless corrupt endeavors — no amount of intelligence and integrity at the bottom will overcome the mafia state at the top (yes, I noticed Soros calling Russia a mafia state — he should know, being a card-carrying member of the US mafia state elite).

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