SchwartzReport: Will Marijuana Challenge Destroy the GOP and the Supreme Court in One Go?

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

It is driving the rightist prohibitionists crazy that none of the dire predictions they made about ending Marijuana prohibition have come to pass. In fact the outcomes have been the exact opposite to what they said would happen. So now they are trying to get the conservative majority on the Supreme Court to reverse what the people themselves voted for. It is not clear how this will play out but it has the potential to create a massive crisis of governance.

GOP attorneys general ask Supreme Court to strike down legal marijuana in Colorado

Phi Beta Iota: The Supreme Court is a corrupt body that has been subverted by the US Chamber of Commerce and Justice Powell's long-running campaign to achieve fascism (corporate control) in the USA. The CITIZENS UNITED decision was a triumph of fascism in the USA and remains an indictment of the Supreme Court, the US Chamber of Commerce, the corrupt Congress that was paid to ignore this travesty, and of course a passive citizenry so dumbed-down they do not realize they are being screwed every which way. Marijuana — and pedophilia — are the two possible break-out issues. If the Supreme Court rules against Colorado that could be an awakening moment for the public. If it does not, states rights will be in the ascent, and that is a modest good thing. Pedophilia remains out there as the festering gangrenous weak underbelly of the elite — not just in the USA, but in Canada, the UK and elsewhere. Because youth will determine the future, we believe that a combination of marijuana, pedophilia, and electoral reform could transform politics going toward 2020. The federal government is corrupt and dysfunctional — how soon a majority sees that — and acts on that fact — is the big unknown.

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