Reference: Spanda Journal on Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence, Governance

Spanda CI–EditorialSpanda CI Cover Vol 2 2014

Spanda CI Abstracts

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Spanda CI–AKOMOLAFE-ADEBAYO –The trees still speak

Spanda CI–ATLEE-TOM–The role of collective intelligence

Spanda CI–COLMAN-ARTHUR–MONTERO-PILAR –The new longevity

Spanda CI–DE KERCKHOVE-DERRICK–Connected intelligence for the civil society

Spanda CI–EISENSTEIN-CHARLES-Qualatative dimensions of collective intelligence

Spanda CI–FINIDORI-HELENE–Collective intelligence is a commons

Spanda CI–GANGADEAN-ASHOK-K–Awakening collective global intelligence

Spanda CI–GOSWAMI-AMIT–Love and the awakening of the heart centre

Spanda CI–GROF-STANISLAV–Archetypes mythic imagination and modern society

Spanda CI–HAMILTON-CRAIG–Collective intelligence and the evolution of self and culture

Spanda CI–HEYLIGHEN-FRANCIS–Challenge propagation

Spanda CI–JOHNSON-NORMAN-LEE-The applied science of collective intelligence

Spanda CI–LASZLO-ERVIN–The one mind in the cosmos

Spanda CI–LEVY-PIERRE–The philosophical concept of algorithmic intelligence

Spanda CI–OFALLON-TERRI –RAMIREZ-VENITA –FITCH-GEOFF–Collective intelligence as a casual ground

Spanda CI–POR-GEORGE–From right mindfulness to collective intelligence

Spanda CI–ROUGH-JIM–The Circle.Structuring for Collective Intelligence

Spanda CI–STEELE-ROBERT-DAVID–Applied collective intelligence

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