Chuck Spinney: The Arrogance of US Ignorance

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Chuck Spinney
Chuck Spinney

The excellent BBC documentary Bitter Lake is on youtube in two parts and can be found at these links:

It is well worth watching … stylistically I found its format somewhat distracting to my tastes and would have liked it more organized chronologically.   But that is a nit pick.  CS

Guardian Review by Emma Graham-Harrison below the line.

Bitter Lake is a brilliant portrayal of the west’s terrible arrogance in Afghanistan

Adam Curtis’s Afghanistan documentary occasionally oversimplifies a complex story, but overall it is a powerful film that conveys the high cost of invasion

Emma Graham-Harrison, Guardian, Thursday 29 January 2015 06.06 EST

Adam Curtis’s long dive into the troubled and troubling history of Afghanistan is a brilliant summary of a lesson drummed into me over four years living in Kabul – how devastating naivety and good intentions can be when untempered by humility, knowledge or at least a desire to learn.

Bitter Lake, which is available on iPlayer, begins with the dam projects of the 1950s that sought to remake southern Afghanistan in America’s image, looks at ill-fated Soviet efforts to transform the country, then returns to castigate Washington’s second attempt at social and economic engineering.

Read full review.

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