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Very few people know that I was accepted as a candidate for the Reform Party nomination for the presidency in 2012. I used that experience to seek out wizards across the country and consolidate their transpartisan wisdom (not to be confused with bi-partisan complicity) at one web site, We the People Reform Coalition.

On 28 February 2015 I will be facilitating a workshop on Open Power at the Economics of Happiness Conference, an event I recommend to one and all — Jerry Mander will be there, one reason I am personally excited about attending.

Below are the read-ahead documents I have just finished loading to the event post at Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog, where I curate over 80 truth-telling editors from around the world, but most true-blue sons and daughters of the USA.


If we do not come together on the ONE THING [#ElectoralReform] that is arguably in the best interests of the public irrespective any given ideological, religious, or financial circumstance, we will continue to be destroyed by a system so corrupt that its leading members are easily indictable in any International Tribunal or World Court.

Additional Readings:

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ER 02 Statement of Demand (2015)
ER 03 Electoral Reform Act of 2015
ER 04 Electoral Integrity Pledge
ER 05 International Electoral Integrity Principles
ER 06 Draft Budget 2015
ER 07 Steele Story (How I Tested the Boundaries)


Additional Readings:

PE 01 Single Slide on Public Empowerment 1.2
PE 02 Draft Budget 2015
PE 03 Mich Sifry on Progressive Activism Lacking Tools
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The one-party winner-take-all systems is DEAD. It is harmful to all of us. We need a completely new mind-set that is oriented toward conversations and deliberative dialog at the neighborhood level that is NOT organized around parties but instead around common concerns and shared facts. We need a completely new (actuallly indigenous and original) approach to governance in which everyone has a role to play, and ALL elements of society are represented from the town council to the national Cabinet. Below is one notional representation of what an honest complete and effective Cabinet might look like.

*Coalition Cabinet — my first cut for discussion

Vice President &Secretary General for the Commonwealth: Elizabeth Warren or Dennis Kucinich

Assistant to the President on Detail to the Vice President: Steve McIntosh

Agriculture & Water: Jim Hightower
• Water Conservation Authority: William J. Cosgrove (CA)

Health: Howard Dean
• Surgeon General: Jill Stein

Interior: Robert Costanza
• Energy: Herman Daly
• Environment: Gordon Durnil

Labor: Jesse Ventura
• Veteran’s Affairs: Max Cleland
• No Senior Left Behind: Derek Bok
• Immigration: Pat Buchanan

Transportation & National Design: Joan Claybook

Treasury, Yves Smith
• Internal Revenue: Grover Norquist
• Federal Reserve : Karl Denninger

Ron Paul to be nominated to the Supreme Court as soon as he is available and several of the Justices find retirement compellingly attractive].

Secretary General for Education, Intelligence, and Research: TBD

Access America: William Greider*

Chaplain: Jim Wallis [Rabbi Michael Lerner?]

Culture: Jello Biafra [Stewart Brand?]

Education: John Taylor Gatto

Global Truth & Reconciliation Centre: Lee Kuan Yew (SG), Nelson Mandela (ZA), & Fidel Castro (CU)

Multinational Decision-Support Centre: General Patrick Cammaert, NL RN

National Intelligence: Brent Scowcroft

National Research: Vint Cerf

National Strategy Center: David Abshire and Tony Zinni

Office of Management and Budget: Joseph Eugene Stiglitz and Don Gessaman

Open Source Agency: Carol Dumaine

Patent Office: Lawrence Lessig

* Access America, to implement and sustain Electoral Reform, was added at the suggestion of Jim Turner.

Secretary General for Global Engagement: Michael Bloomberg

Defense: Joe Sestak

Joint Chiefs of Staff: James N. Mattis

Justice: Ralph Nader
• Homeland Security: Stephen Flynn [closing it down gracefully]
• Computational Mathematics Authority: Stephen Wolfram (UK)

State: Gary Hart
• Ambassador to Israel: Henry Seigman
• Ambassador to the United Nations: Carol Mosley Braun

Commerce: Clyde Prestowitz
• Trade Representative: Alfred Eckes


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#BigIdeas #ElectoralReform #OpenSource

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