Robert James Beckett: John Stanton on Data Imperialism & Digital Slavery

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Robert James Beckett
Robert James Beckett

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Imperialism via Data: The Digitization of Human Behavior, “Social Radar”, Sensors and Neuroscience

John Stanton, Global Research, 13 March 2016

In 2007 I wrote and presented a conceptual paper to an international studies group in Portugal. The subject matter was, generally, the use of Evolutionary Cognitive Neuroscience (ECN) to manage humanity. That paper would eventually finds its way, remarkably, into Rebecca Costa’s seminal The Watchman’s Rattle.   . . . In just under ten years, the topics alluded to in my 2007 paper have taken the form of four converging and accelerating movements that seem likely to usher in drastic change in the human condition: The digitization of human behavior; cracking open the brain through neuroscience; the engineering and manipulation of human and non-human genomes; and the proliferation of the Internet of Things, which is code for the sensorization of the human/non-human, home, work, school, automobile, street, global commons, etc.  Read more.

Phi Beta Iota: The good news is that Advanced Scale Computing is beyond our means in our lifetime on the present course of corrupt fragmented governance. We will continue to waste trillions on the margins and process less than 1% of 1%. The bad news is that if you are an iconoclast or “enemy of the state” you can be digitally imprisoned, marginalized, harrassed, and generally driven to death unless you accept your role as a silent drone. The uncertain news is that the BRICS plus Indonesia and Iran have the power to get it right and create digital freedom and prosperity. It's a stretch, given the propensity of several of those countries toward intolerant authoritarianism, but one does have to wonder at the possibilities.

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