Robert Steele: Connecting Some Dots — Blacks in Prison, Police Militarization, Persecution of Whistleblowers, and False Flag Operations — All Obstacles to a Prosperous World at Peace

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

I have been reflecting on the “legacy” of the past several presidencies at home and abroad. From where I set, after the assassination of John F. Kennedy — an assassination carried out by CIA and FBI officers allied with Cuban and Jewish criminals, Israel, and monied interests in Texas and New York — the US Government began to morph into a criminal deep state far more dangerous to the public interest than ever before.

Let's start with why JFK was assassinated and the assassination deliberately covered up by Lyndon Baines Johnson who also covered up the assassination of Martin Luther King and the Israeli attack on the USS  Liberty (that may have been requested by LBJ to provide a false justification for war as the false Tonkin Gulf attack was used to justify war on Viet-Nam).

01 JFK and his brother were about to fire J. Edgar Hoover, the pedophile founder of the FBI.

02 JFK was considered by Allen Dulles to be near-communist and very much against the fascist tendencies that Allen Dulles not only favored, but had spent billions rescuing in the aftermath of WWII.

03 JFK and his brother were about to stop nuclear smuggling to Israel by CIA, and also about to demand that all organizations in the US receiving money or direction from Israel be properly registered as agents of a foreign power.

04 JFK was planning to stop borrowing from banks and restore government control over currency and its printing.

05 JFK planned to withdraw from Viet-Nam and clamp down on the military-industrial complex (which also assassinated MLK, with an Army sniper on detail to the FBI, when MLK spoke of the US as “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today”) — this is still a fact — the US remains the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.

06 JFK was considered a threat to Texas energy interests.

07 JFK, despite having been set up for failure by a treasonous CIA launching a Bay of Pigs operation without any possible hope of success, was viewed by Cuban and Jewish criminals expelled from Cuba as an obstacle to their return to Cuba.

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Where are we today, a quarter century later?

01 The military-industrial state consumes 60% of the disposable federal budget (within which one third is borrowed from banks instead of printed currency) and 16% of the total federal budget. We spend more than the next eight countries including “peer” competitors China and Russia and putative “allies” France and Germany, all together.

02 The military-industrial complex has been expanded with the militarization of the police, ostensibly to be effective in the war on drugs but in fact merely to push more hardware out, never mind the loss of community-oriented policing. The police-prison complex is racsist — it is an anti-black, black exploitation program funded by the US taxpayer.

03 The military-industrial complex has been augmented by a prison complex (see 1994 Crime Act, thank you Bill and Hillary Clinton) which has GS4 and Wackenhut as a most interesting cross-over — able to provide prisoners for “special duties” and create camps for “men without a country” willing to kill Americans on American soil. Companies have been bribing judges to increase prison sentences and there are now more people of color in prison than there were slaves at the beginning of the civil war.

04 Under Bill Clinton and co-President Hillary Clinton (she displaced Al Gore from the VP offices in OEOB) the financialization of the US economy, and the removal of all restrictions on banking, have led to both the destruction of the US economy and the destruction of multiple foreign economies by Goldman Sachs among others, inclusive of Greece, Iceland, Portugal, Russia, and Spain — only Iceland, where politics has integrity and citizens are fully engaged in their democracy — survived this criminal assault.

05 Perhaps beginning under Bill Clinton but deepened and broadened by George Bush II, the gold marketplace became both a fraud empire (600 times more gold certificates than there is gold, much of the gold “sold” by the Bank of New York diluted with titanium) and — with the Black Eagle Trust — a total economic war on Russia. A successor to the Black Lily fund leveraging the gold extracted from Japanese bunkers in the Philippines — that fund was used to resurrect fascism in Germany, Italy, and Japan, and to support dictators and regime change operations “off the books” and free of Congressional accountability) — there are credible reports that a major reason for 9/11 going down as it did (under Dick Cheney's complete control with all arrangements made months in advance) was to “clear” $240 billion in illicit trades and postpone the day of reckoning with the Chinese and Indonesians who have huge legitimate claims against the US Government that came due immediately after 9/11.

06 As the US Government began to run out of excuses and reasons for doing evil, as it became clear to one and all that neither China nor Russia are a real enemy in a military sense, it became essential to justify the perpetuation of the military-industrial complex. False flag operations that began with Ed Landsdale in the Philippines (a fake terrorist group created to propel a pliable military captain to the presidency) and that were used to move Viet-Nam from an internal war certain to displace the minority Catholic mandarin Diem in the South to a full-scale war justifying massive US military operations in Asia that — coincidentally — allowed CIA to take over the Burmese drug production program and replenish its coffers “off the books” — have now moved to such massive theatrical performances — with selected patsies dying in support — as the Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, and now Orlando. Mind-control is well advanced at CIA and within contractors operating independently of CIA — and of course the Israeli Mossad has everything from CIA and NSA, and will do anything at all needed to perpetuate the idiotic juxtaposition of “Muslim” and “terrorist.” We are the terrorists. What we allow to be done at home and abroad, every single day — is terrorism.

06 As US Government crimes against humanity deepened and broadened, whistleblowers became much more dangerous to the military industrial complex and to the two-party tyranny that serves that complex. Whistleblowers — both within the government and within the two parties — have been murdered with impunity, as have journalists seeking to report their  stories. Many more whistleblowers have been brutalized with “fitness for duty” physicals that certify them as “mentally unstable” or in many cases, concocted false arrest and imprisonment. On the other end, elite perversion including pedophilia and sado-machism appears to be well-entrenched.

I personally have been out of the US Government since 1993 and have not touched a classified document since 2006. I have no direct knowledge, but I read a lot (over 5,000 non-fiction books, over 2,000 of which have been reviewed at Amazon, across 98 categories) and I am certain, as a professional intelligence officer, that apart from the vast majority of good people trapped in a bad system called the US Government, that government, both at the political apex and buried deeply within all agencies of that government (the “deep state” that persists regardless of who is nominally in power) has become a criminal enterprise on a scale never before achieved in history.

The 2016 election — as things now stand — pit the titular face of that criminal enterprise — Hillary Clinton — against a nominal free spirit — Donald Trump who will in all probability win the election, and then quickly be brought to heel with the right mix of direct threats and direct bribes. Al Gore was bought off in Florida for $100M. In Trump's case, I personally estimate that he will not refuse a $25 billion bribe offered by the Rothschilds, who have hired Barack Obama as their personal representative for the next year or two (this is the real reason Obama is staying in town).

An Electoral Reform Act of 2016 is within the power of Speaker Paul Ryan in the House of Representatives, and within the power of the Republican majority in the Senate, perhaps led by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) since Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT — he has never really been an Independent) has refused eight times to introduce such an Act — this Act could restore the rule of law in the USA, and restore the role of Congress under Article 1 of the US Constitution. Incumbent members would receive two immediate benefits: assured re-election, and freedom from the military-industrial and other complexes (they would never again have to pander for campaign donations). The Republicans would broaden their base with Constitution and Libertarian Members, the Democrats with Green, Reform, and Working Families Members, and a number of Independents could assure a swing vote essential to restoring integrity and evidence-based reasoning to our legislative process.

Fascists did not lose WWII. Fascism was rescued by CIA — Allen Dulles personally, in absolute betrayal of both presidential and public trust — and we are now seeing WWIII come to a climax. It has been a “Gold War” in which “anything goes” including all manner of crimes against humanity including state-sponsored trade in women and children, state-sponsored cyber-war, state-sponsored economic warfare, and state-sponsored terrorism.

Truth & Reconciliation must be our dominant theme in dealing with the Wall Street elite (including Buzzy Krongard, whose tenure at CIA is now explained by the Black Eagle Trust documentation) and the Rothschilds. A settlement with China and Indonesia — and an economic peace with Russia — are inevitable. What I personally fear is that desperation on the part of the USA, and a loss of patience on the part of Russia, will lead to a wave of assassinations in the United Kingdom, the USA, and Switzerland, among other locations. It is not possible for the Rothschilds to avoid such a wave of assassinations if it were to be undertaken. I credit Lady Lynn Rothschild, and her conference on Inclusive Capitalism, with the germ of a good idea.

In my view, 90% of the false digital wealth is about to be wiped out — we just had one young lady, a medical fraud, go from 4.5 billion to zero. In my view, 90% of the gold certificates are worthless, and we are moving very quickly to a point where publicly viewable and testable gold is going to be one of the most precious assets on the planet.

I pray for a prosperous world at peace. If the Rothschilds would like to see their great grand-children live a full life, I pray they follow the lead of Lady Lynn Rothschild, but do so deeply and broadly — the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) can be achieved within a decade if the Rothschilds wish it so — at 10% of the industrial-donor price now calculated, with one hundred times the sustainability of legacy engineering. Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) is the precise opposite to all of the evil that our current web of scientific reductionism, idiot media, corrupt Congress, and irresponsible banking and commerce, have wrought.

No one goes to jail.  Everyone gets the truth.

Robert David Steele

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