Mongoose: 9/11 Gold Collateral Account Back Story — Black Eagle Trust, Two Books

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The back story — much yet to be investigated and made clear to the public.

Black Eagle Trust Fund: The 9/11 Attacks and Big Gold — Covert Debt, Covert Theft

Black 9/11: Money, Motive and Technology (Mark H. Gaffney)

Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World (Christopher Lee Bollyn)

Phi Beta Iota: Buzzy Krongard joined CIA a a dollar a year man in February 1998, sponsored by George Tenet and thus perfectly positioned to represent joint US-German (fascist) interests in taking down Russia with economic warfare and the covert gold accounts. On 16 March 2001, Buzzy became Executive Director of the CIA, the ideal position from which to finalize the 9/11 actions in support of the Dick Cheney operation, and also frustrate the good people at CIA (similar to the manner in which Coleen Rowley was frustrated by the Acting Director of the FBI — the appointed Director evidently had no stomach for the 9/11 treason to be committed and resigned). Were it not for Buzzy at CIA, we would have speculated that the Black Eagle Trust and $240 billion dollar gold rush was an after-thought — now we wonder if in fact it was the seed crystal. We support Truth & Reconciliation — no one goes to jail, everyone gets the truth.

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Review: Edward Lansdale’s Cold War (Culture, Politics, and the Cold War) (Paperback)

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