Robert Steele: Open Letter to Mr. James Comey, FBI Director, on Indicting Hillary Clinton and Telling the Truth About Orlando UPDATE: Impeach Comey?

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele


NEW 6 July 2016: Universal condemnation of James Comey, the putative director of the FBI without an ounce of moral or intellectual gravity.

James Comey Sells Out

FBI Director's cowardly decision will go down as one of the government’s worst assaults on truth

Austin Bay, Observer

NEW 6 July 2016: Has the Romanian hacker died in US custody? — this would be a further indictment of James Comey, who is in my view complicit is a massive series  of lies and three major cover-ups. Comey need to reconnect with God and his oath to defend and protect the Constitution against domestic enemies.

BREAKING: Romanian hacker with access to Clinton emails found dead in jail cell

Is Guccifer Dead? No – Romanian Hacker with Access to Clinton Emails

NEW 5 July 2016. I believe James Comey should be impeached for gross dereliction of duty. This was not just about mishandling classified information but I must point out that Comey is lying to the public — he knows that Clinton ordered staff to strip classified markings and send top secret special access program information in a maliciously deliberately unsecure manner outside of approved government channels.

Bombshell: In Email, Hillary Ordered Aide to Strip Classified Marking and Send Sensitive Material

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In my view, Comey has shown himself unfit to continue as Director of the FBI, on three counts: failing to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for ordering staff to strip classification markings; failing to hold Clinton accountable for qui pro quo deals (bribery associated with influence peddling) with Saudis, Israelis, and Wall Street as documented in emails from her private server; and failing to properly investigate and then indict Bill and Hillary Clinton for wire fraud and solicitation fraud in relation to the Clinton Foundation. And then there is the FBI's continuing role as a co-conspirator and cover-up agency for false flag attacks…

NEW 27 June 2016: Home page with free online and downloadable copies of letter to director of the FBI and the full text of the chapter, new anomalies.

HOME PAGE: The Orlando Mass Casualty Event: A False Flag Drama, Atrocity, or Hybrid?

Below is the full text of my letter to James Comey, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mr. Comey's past includes distinguished service as US Attorney for the Southern District of New York (Wall Street); United States Deputy Attorney General for George W. Bush; General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Lockheed Martin; and — wait for it — a Director of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Holdings plc which is the advanced now global version of THE drug and money-laundering and Gold War bank by the same name (less “Holdings”) founded in 1865. He is also a devout Catholic and a legitimate candidate for a Supreme Court nomination. I see real potential in this gentleman as a moderator in the transition from the old order controlled by the Rothschilds to the new order controlled by the BRICS and the real gold that will emerge from the bunkers outside the USA once the old order (which is over-leveraged at 600:1) gets vaporized.


24 June 2016

Mr. James Comey, Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20535

Dear Director Comey,

I write to you in the spirit of a concerned citizen, a professional intelligence officer (I enclose my latest book, please note the professional references on the back cover*), and a “friend of the court,” if you please (and with a smile). I think I understand – and I certainly respect – your complex background.

I am a Reagan Republican and I watched in agony as Colin Powell sacrificed his integrity to enable Dick Cheney to orchestrate 9/11 months in advance of the event and despite warnings from thirteen different countries – and then collaborate actively in the telling of 935 lies that Larry Wilkerson now tells us were known to be lies by Colin Powell. The FBI helped shut down ABLE DANGER and blocked others.

Now you are in an analogous situation. If you do not indict Hillary Clinton for conflicts of interest – never mind the mishandling of classified information, the real stake in her heart is the use of the private server with malice aforethought to keep all her communications off official servers. She was naïve to believe that no one would ever see the emails on deals with Israel and Saudi Arabia and Goldman Sachs, among others – cash to the Clinton Foundation, policy from the Obama Administration – what price Syria? LBJ would be jealous – she and her husband have taken influence peddling to a new high, and if you do not indict her, I believe this will disqualify you as a candidate for the Supreme Court, where I happen to think you would excel. If NSA will not give you the missing emails, the Russians might.

On Orlando, I have mixed feelings. The enclosed chapter is probably the only systematic look at sixty-five anomalies associated with what appears to be a false flag event. It is scheduled to be published formally on 1 July, informally next week for public comment. As a friend of the court, if you will permit me this affectation, I offer it to you at two levels.

At one level, this itemizes all of the perceptual inconsistencies that the US Government has failed to address in its public communications. At another level, this chapter offers you an opportunity to reflect on the ethics and the possibilities of where you stand in relation to Orlando. Is there a public service you can render by holding your investigators to the highest standard and sharing with the public your determination as to what really happened here? Do you really want to be in a position where you are covering up a major false flag event or a major mass casualty event if the Israelis hijacked this, putting you into the role of accomplice in this crime against humanity? The USS Liberty is your marker for both what the Israelis are capable of, and of the cost to the US Government and the public of covering up their role in such an atrocity that will inevitably be public knowledge. Whether this was theater or a real mass atrocity, if you tell the truth, now, before the two conventions, you empower the public.

If I can be of service to you, from pro bono to employee, in the next ninety days, you can count on me to be faithful to you in serving the public interest. You are at a cross-roads. I pray you be right with God, with the Constitution, and with your beloved family and your extended network, as should be all of us.

Semper Fidelis,


Robert David Steele

Address, Email, Telephone

USPS Certified Mail Tracking Number: 9502 6000 0074 6176 0000 90.


Steele, Robert. The Orlando Mass Casualty Event: A False Flag Drama, Atrocity, or Hybrid?, Earth Intelligence Network, 25 June 2016, 46 Pages. Free Online, Kindle $3.69, Paper $6.39

Steele, Robert (2010). Intelligence for Earth: Clarity, Diversity, Integrity, & Sustainability, Earth Intelligence Network, January 20, 2010. 288 pages. HARDCOVER $19.95

* Intelligence for Earth References:

Robert Steele is unusual for an American…he is clearly internationalist in his orientation. He has written a book that can bring us together in facing our greatest enemies: ignorance, poverty, and mistrust. Rear Admiral Hamit Gulemre Aybars, Turkish Navy (Retired)

Robert Steele's vision for the future of intelligence is clearly “internationalist” in nature. It focuses on regional partnerships…and on the value of open source intelligence collection. Read Admiral Dr. Sigurd Hess, DE N (Ret), Former Chief of Staff, Allied Command Baltic Approaches

Constantly committed to truth and honesty [this work] demonstrates his ability to grasp the real issues and to take into account the views and concerns of men of good will from all nations and all cultures. –Admiral Pierre Lacoste, French Navy (Retired), Former Director of Foreign Intelligence (DGSE)

Robert Steele goes well beyond the original visions of the best of Directors of Central Intelligence, and has crafted a brilliant, sensible, and honorable future for the intelligence profession. –Major General Oleg Kalugin, KGB (Retired), Elected Deputy to the Russian Parliament.

Over a broad canvas reflecting the changing nature of information and information technologies, Robert Steele lays the foundation for the future of e-intelligence. Commodore Patrick Tyrrell, OBE, Royal Navy, United Kingdom

Few have thought as deeply or imaginatively about such questions as a super-smart …  former Marine and intelligence officer named Robert D. Steele… Alvin & Heidi Toffler, War & Anti-War: Survival at the Dawn of the 21st Century

Steele consistently has been well ahead of the pack in his appreciation for everything from open source research to the implications of technology…his work thrills with its insights and ideas. Ralph Peters,
Fighting for the Future: Will America Triumph?

Robert Steele is about 100 times as smart and 10,000 times as dangerous as the best of the hackers, for he is successfully hacking the most challenging of bureaucracies…for the right reasons. Bruce Sterling in Hacker Crackdown: Law and Order on the Electronic Frontier

Steele’s concept is simple: Empower the citizen and private sector to gather and analyze intelligence so that we can make informed decisions [using] Open Source Intelligence gathering [that] is faster, smarter, cheaper… Robert Young Pelton, author, World’s Most Dangerous Places, producer, Come Back Alive

Robert Steele deserves our admiration and our focused attention for bringing the idea of open source information to the fore. His passion to serve the nation by developing this new approach…is exemplary. Lieutenant General Patrick Hughes, U.S. Army (Retired), Former Director, Defense Intelligence Agency

Robert Steele storms into the core of intelligence issues without fear. The scope of his work is impressive and whether you agree with him or not, you cannot ignore what he says. The Honorable Richard Kerr, Former Deputy Director of Central Intelligence

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