Charles Ortel: Is Clinton Foundation a $100 Billion Charity Fraud — Zero Financial Statements, Millions of Cases of Wire Fraud and Solicitation Fraud?

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Charles OrtelYouTube Audio (53:45): Charles Ortel: Clinton Foundation Largest Charity Fraud Ever Attempted

“Trustees guilty of gross negligence and willful misconduct…”

“Operated illegally in many countries for years…”

“Fourteen billion dollars donated for Haiti has vanished…”

“The information in [her] emails is the property of the US Government…of We the People…”

During this 40+ minute interview, Charles talks extensively about his in depth research into the financials of the Clinton Foundation and the potential more than $100 billion in solicitation and wire fraud they may have committed.

Charles talks about how this charity went out of its way to not have any required financial statements and audits since its inception in 1997. Charles thinks there's potentially millions of cases of wire fraud and solicitation fraud in all US states, national charges and also international charges for fraud against the Clinton Foundation [with the] potential more than $100 billion in solicitation and wire fraud they may have committed.

Tip of the Hat to Contributing Editor Faded Rose for this gem in the public interest.

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