Review: Orlando False Flag – The Clash of Histories

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Kevin Barrett (editor)

5 Star Blows Apart the False Government Narrative on a False Flag Event Intended to Advance Gun Control & Keep the Fear Going…

The Table of Contents is at the end of this review to help Amazon readers make their decision about buying or not buying. Many of the integrated pieces can be found free online but I believe that the value added by the editor in organizing this information is huge and worthy of your support.

Why is this book important? Since the assassination of JFK and the cover-up of that assassination led by LBJ, the USA has been under the direct control of the 1% and their fascist, pedophile, and deep-state allies. 9/11 was the largest and most treasonous false flag in the history of the USA (although the war on Mexico and the take-over of Hawaii are up there, both false flags in their own way). Orlando, because of the level of detail that absolutely crushes the government's false narrative, has the potential to awaken the public to the other less obvious false flags including Sandy Hook, Boston, and San Bernardino. Recent cop killings coincident with Black Lives Matter protests were carried out by white private military contractors — even the Black Lives Matters leaders are starting to see how false flags are being used to re-ignite a  race war and distract the public from the fact that we are on the verge of a revolution (see Chris Hedges's superb book, Wages of Rebellion because for the first time — and Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders both merit great credit for helping — everyone is starting to realize that “we are all black now” and this election is about We the People (the 99%) against the 1% that will pay any price in our blood, treasure, and spirit, to continue with their looting of the US public treasury and their destruction of the Earth.

This is as serious a book as you will read in your lifetime.  Of course it has warts — it is not Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time — but for what we need, right now, to rise up and rebel and take charge of our destiny and restore the sacred nature of America and its Constitution, this book is a cornerstone. I am honored as a former spy who has *done* a false flag, to have a chapter in this public service publication.

Semper Fidelis,
Latino Patriot
Democracy Riots! We are all black now — deal with it!


Preface: The Clash of Histories  Kevin Barrett, with Rafiq  7

Introduction: Orlando Nightclub Shooting—Another False Flag? Kevin Barrett  13

Part 1: What Really Happened in Orlando?

  1. The Orlando Mass Casualty Event: A False Flag Drama, Atrocity, or Hybrid? Robert David Steele 25
  1. Orlando: A False Flag Attack on Muhammad Ali’s Islam? Feroze Mithiborwala  59
  1. The Orlando Shooter Was an Asset of US Intelligence Agencies  John Hankey, with Kevin Barrett 79

Part 2: Historical Context: Contesting the Narrative

  1. Massacres: Where Have All the Islamists Gone? James Petras 85
  1. The Orlando Massacre: The Lies, the Exploitation, and Unasked Questions The Saker  89
  1. The Orlando Massacre and the Zionist Propaganda of Alex Jones  Christopher Bollyn  95
  1. Orlando’s Geopolitical Context: The Empire’s Post-9/11 Hegelian-Style Warfare Against Both the World and American Citizens Joachim Hagopian  99
  1. Orlando Magic: Violent Passion Theatre  James Hufferd  127
  1. Terrorism: A Matrix of Lies and Deceit  Christopher Black  131
  1. This Was Not About Islam: Getting It Wrong About the Orlando Massacre  Lawrence Davidson 135
  1. What About the Cops? Let’s Ban Assault Weapons for Police, Too  Dave Lindorff  139
  1. Orlando Killer: CIA-Linked Son of Northern Alliance War Profiteer Kadir A. Mohmand  143
  1. The Radical West Has Given Ten Orlandos Every Day to the Muslim World for the Last 15 Years  Javed Jamil  149
  1. Terrorism Privatized  Gordon Duff  155

Part 3: Islam, Homosexuality, and Cultural Politics

  1. A Gays vs. Muslims False Flag?  Kevin Barrett  161
  1. Disco Inferno: The Great Satan Devours His Own Children Michael Jones  171
  1. ISIS and Homosexuality  Thierry Meyssan  183
  1. Trump, Guns, Gays, and Islam  Miko Peled  189
  1. Tell the Government the Gay Community Is Nobody’s Psy-Op Pawn  Rafiq  193

Afterword: Are False Flags Becoming More Frequent? Dallas, Baton Rouge, Nice, and Munich  Kevin Barrett  197

Contributors  205   

Notes  211

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