Owl: Highlights of WikiLeaks – PBI: Not the Russians Hacking Emails, Clinton Rigging the Machines

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Who? Who?
Who? Who?

The following JPEG is circulating on the Internet as a summary of some of the disclosures in the newly-released Podesta emails. [PBI Comment and sources below the fold.]

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Phi Beta Iota: 33,000 emails are expected to be released by Anonymous on 1 November. TIME Magazine seems to be under complete control with its cover story that spreads the White House propaganda that the Russians are hacking both emails and electronic machines.  This is almost certainly a false flag propaganda story and TIME Magazine has simply proven that it is on the payroll and will publish whatever they are told to publish. The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) was probably forced to sign the joint DHS-DNI press release which has multiple errors of fact, the two most serious being that it ignores the fact that it is domestic actors (including disgrunted NSA employees on the emails and the Clinton campaign itself on the electronic voting machines) doing the hacking; and the outright lie that the machines cannot be hacked. The entire system is rigged — not just the electoral system but the media system, the university and think tank system, and so on.  Everyone is on the payroll or otherwise brought to heel — they are not stupid, they are corrupt.

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