Berto Jongman: PizzaGate is Now PedoGate — PBI: The Electoral College Coup is Partly a Deliberate Effort to Damp Down PedoGate / PizzaGate and Partly Deep Fear of Donald Trump Exposing Pedophilia Within the Deep State

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Important change: PedoGate instead of PizzaGate. A very interesting interview that might be deleted by YouTube but has been posted elsewhere. The citizen investigation continues.

Phi Beta Iota: There is absolute no question but that the Clintons and the Podestas are deeply involved in pedophilia — child abuse and probably also child murder — and this is being covered up by the DoJ, FBI, and White House. The coup that Wayne Madsen and other predicted is partly about trying to bury the PedoGate atrocity story that includes George Soros and Barack Obama explicitly, and partly a last ditch effort to derail the accidental election of Donald Trump (who is himself oblivious when it comes to seeing that 73% of the public did not vote for him and that is where he should have been focused between the election and the Electoral College meeting).

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