Thomas Carroll: Catherine Austin Fitts – Trump Under Assault – He Needs to Focus on Corruption & Lawlessness – Provides “Playbook” Being Used by Trump’s Many Enemies — Includes Pedophilia “Culling Machine” Comments

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Thomas Carroll


This lady is AMAZING. She ends by saying that we are likely to have a major pedophilia scandal in 2017; we should stop worrying about the economy and worry instead about whether we are going to have a human society or not. Supports Trump.

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Text Summary Below the Fold

Ugly Summary (LISTEN TO EVERY WORD): First she does an analysis on how they are attacking Trump:on a tactical level they are taking out his loyal lieutenants, assaults on Bannon, Kelly, & Conan. Second, Trump being an alpha male will protect the female,the Daily Mail has gone after his wife and she is suing, Kathryn considers this a big mistake.Kelly Ann is being attacked due to ethics violations and. Catherine says she's guilty of, these are weak spots. Catherine says he's working with a matrix structure and playing with the big boys. they are making sure anything that what gets through Congress will be helpful to the Empire.making sure he gets tied down in the bureaucracy like with immigration are tools empire is using to keep him bogged down.Bush and the boys showed up to promote a carbon tax of all things,, so Matt Drudge and others are trying to get Trump the focus back on the tax reform and we all know how much better your suggestion is about electoral reform. Trump marched right into the heart of the culling machine with the immigration policy, a reason why there is such a push back from Empire. Empire is extremely dependent on the culling a country's resources and population, which gets into the pedophilia, drug trafficking, and basic exploitation of everything

In closing, Fitts says, “What’s killing this economy is corruption and lawlessness. That’s what’s killing the economy. We need to deal with these problems.” All links can be found on…

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