Hans Eirik Olav: Testimonial on Norwegian Deep State, Thule Drilling, & Violation of US Sanctions on Iran

05 Iran, 08 Wild Cards, 09 Justice, 10 Transnational Crime, Commerce, Corruption, Government, Law Enforcement

11 Documents Below the Fold

Olav 090716 Thule Drilling – A short summary 1 (2)

Olav Boudec statement and notes

Olav BRO5 Albesher v (1) Ryan (2) Ryan Corp (3) CS (2) (2)

Olav Closing of SAC accounts Documentation with HEO Comments IRS

Olav Court Order Lekarz in Switzerland-1

Olav Declaration IRS

Olav Email leKarz re Saudi Culpability

Olav Enclosure 1 Julius Baer Bank and W9 IRS TAX form

Olav Interrogation report LeKarz in Switzerland

Olav Particulars of Claim – FINAL (pdf)_251681_1 (2)

Olav Summary of activities in Switzerland

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