Owl: Child Abduction Teams Widespread

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Who? Who?

Child abduction teams — generally a snatch couple, a look-out, and a driver — are widespread. Selling children to pedophiles is big business — as big as illicit drugs and more profitable than prostitution. The FBI and US law enforcement are turning a blind eye to this national disgrace, and not doing all they can do to stop human trafficking generally and trafficking in small children specifically.

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‘Veterans for Child Rescue’: Ex-Navy Seal Launches Operation to Expose Pedophiles

Phi Beta Iota: Pedophilia is not just the worst possible crime against humanity, it is also  the Achilles’ heel of the Deep State and particularly of the two-party tyranny whose leaders at the national, state, and local levels are leavened with known pedophiles who enjoy the protection of national, state, and local law enforcement officials. An Electoral Reform Act is needed before we can clean up Congress and restore integrity to governance and law enforcement, but it is clear the public is now awakening to the convergence of the Deep State, Fake News, Secret Police, Two-Party Tyranny, and Pedophilia memes. There are intertwined.

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