Berto Jongman: Gary Price Flags Free PDF “False Information on Web and Social Media – A Survey”

Corruption, Cultural Intelligence, Government, IO Impotency, Media, Peace Intelligence
Berto Jongman

False Information on Web and Social Media: A Survey

Srijan Kumar, Neil Shah

False information can be created and spread easily through the web and social media platforms, resulting in widespread real-world impact. Characterizing how false information proliferates on social platforms and why it succeeds in deceiving readers are critical to develop efficient detection algorithms and tools for early detection. A recent surge of research in this area has aimed to address the key issues using methods based on feature engineering, graph mining, and information modeling. Majority of the research has primarily focused on two broad categories of false information: opinion-based (e.g., fake reviews), and fact-based (e.g., false news and hoaxes).

To appear in the book titled Social Media Analytics: Advances and Applications, by CRC press, 2018

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