James Fetzer: March for Our Lives Planned MONTHS Before Parkland False Flag Shooting — Malice Aforethought!

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Jim Fetzer

FOI Request reveals March for Our Lives planned MONTHS before shooting took place

Includes screen shot of email from Homeland Security confirming permit process began months before the Parkland false flag shooting.

Phi Beta Iota:  One of these days the FBI is going to be stripped down to bare bones, flushing all the Zionists, pedophiles, and traitors, and then built back up to the point where it can actually represent the public interest and do serious investigations into conspiracies to subvert the Constitution and the Republic.

Among the early projects for a new Constitionally-oriented Director of the FBI should be a total review of every false flag event from 9/11 forward, and the complete disclosure to the public of the facts that can be known that have been deliberately withheld from the public.

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