Yoda: Sandy Hook False Flag Continues to Unravel – 2013 Classic Video Plus Index of All Prior Sandy Hook Posts

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Phi Beta Iota: Sandy Hook was a false flag organized by DHS/FEMA. The DOJ/FBI continue to participlate in a campaign of lies — legal propaganda in their mind — to the public. The full disclosure of false flags combined with the full disclosure of elite (bi-partisan) murderous pedophilia are going to bring the US Government down.  President Donald Trump can ride that wave to glorious victory in a second term, or be downed by that wave.  We pray he connects to the public, sponsors the Election Reform Act and the Trump Channel, and brings his (so-far very successful) fight with the Deep State and Shadow Government into the open. The National Rifle Association (NRA) is at a Come to Jesus moment in its history — Oliver North can lead the NRA from 6 million members to over 50 million members if — and only if — he gets serious about confronting the anti-gun agenda rooted in false flag operations, the death of patsies, and the massive campaign of lies embraced by the mainstream media with official complicity across the board.

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