Mongoose: Unconstitutional Vaccine Court Exposed, Decisive Shift in Medical Views (Vaccines DO Cause Autism) — An Opportunity for President Donald Trump to Act

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Extraordinary article — most detailed — that makes it clear that the “Vaccine Court” is a corrupt enterprise that is there to lie to the public and defend the criminal conspiracy formed by the CDC “leadership,” traitors all, and the pharmaceutical companies.  This article is EPIC.

The Clear Legal Basis that Vaccines Cause Autism

“I also find, with a high degree of medical certainty, that the set of immunizations administered to Yates at age 11 months while he was ill was the immediate cause of his autistic regression because of the effect of these immunizations to further impair the ability of his weakened mitochondria to supply adequate amounts of energy for the brain, the highest-energy consuming tissue in the body.”

—Dr. Richard Kelley, Professor of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University (Kennedy Krieger Institute)1

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