CounterPunch: The Ten Big Lies of Traditional Western Politics

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The Ten Big Lies of Traditional Western Politics

Erik Molvar is a wildlife biologist and is the Laramie, Wyoming-based Executive Director of Western Watersheds Project, a nonprofit group dedicated to protecting and restoring watersheds and wildlife on western public lands.

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  1. Industrial oil and gas drilling is compatible with healthy wildlife populations
  2. Nobody wants to see the sage grouse (or anything else) listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA)
  3. Logging, grazing, or fuelbreaks can stop big fires
  4. Wild horses are the real threat to western rangeland health
  5. Ranchers are the real environmentalists
  6. Predators are killing our wild game (or our profits) and their numbers need to be “managed”
  7. When the next boom hits, the good times will return
  8. Ranching is the cornerstone of western rural economies
  9. The oil, timber, and livestock industries have the right to extract private profits from public lands
  10. Local control would result in better management of western public lands

Phi Beta Iota:  No one in the USA does “true cost economics.” If they did they would immediately call into question the federal theft of most of the land west of the Mississippi, generally for the benefit of mega-corporations that extract profit from public lands and do not pay fair value for what they extract.

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