Sam Sugar: How US Judges and Lawyers Screw the Elderly with Abusive Guardianship — Drug Them, Lock Them Up, and Steal Everything They Own — Never Mind the Protesting Relatives…

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This book describes a judicial system that preys on the elderly and is determined to deem them unable to care for themselves. It is a system that allows those in control to take full advantage of their “wards of the state”—legally and under the watchful eyes of judges. It is called guardianship. Somewhere in there the elderly are looted, never mind their protesting relatives.

Phi Beta Iota: Separately we are told that judges, prosecutors, and sheriffs are receiving considerable percentages for participating in the looting of the elderly — as high as 20% for a judge, 2% for the sheriff. This is one of three areas of concern to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice that is now sponsoring the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse, the monetization, torture, and murder of children.

The other two areas are the looting of the elderly, and the looting of very wealthy individuals that are foolish enough to embrace offshore wealth strategies and are NOT part of the Rothschild network — they are stripped of their assets with the complicity of judges, prosecutors, and registrars.

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