Donald Trump: “I Told You So…” Death of RussiaGate — and the Castration of Felix Sater

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Tip of the Hat to Disobedient Media.

Death Of Russiagate: Mueller Team Tied To Mifsud’s Network

In April last year, Disobedient Media broke coverage of the British involvement in the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, asking why All Russiagate Roads Lead To London, via the quasi-scholar Joseph Mifsud and others.

The issue was also raised by WikiLeaks’s Julian Assange, just days before the Ecuadorian government silenced him last March. Assange’s Twitter thread cited research by Chris Blackburn, who spoke with Disobedient Media on multiple occasions covering Joseph Mifsud’s ties to British intelligence figures and organizations, as well as his links to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign, the FBI, CIA and the private cyber-security firm Crowdstrike.

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AIM Cats Bust Felix Sater

Felix Sater is the linchpin for the British Spygate scandal because he was James Comey’s FBI asset used to set up numerous October Surprises that were intended to “take out” candidate Trump. Felix is the “Russian spy” who tried again and again to set up Trump through the Trump Towers/Alfa Bank accusations, the Michael Cohen Russian sanctions letter, the meeting with Natalia Veselnetskya, the Russian Trump Towers deal, and many other crooked “frame ups.”

Phi Beta Iota: Worthy of a careful read.  The UK’s MI-6 keeps coming up as the PRIMARY sponsor of false flag events, almost co-equal to the Mossad. If the President forces the FISA issue, the primary loser will be the UK and MI-6. It is worth noting that Robert Steele, our publisher, has been saying for years that Mueller should be investigated and indicted for dereliction of duty, obstruction of justice, and treason in relation to his tenure as Director of the FBI, where his primary function appears to have been leading the cover-up (including obstruction of justice in every possible manner) of 9/11 as planned and executed by the Zionists with the complicity and political cover of Dick Cheney. It is also worth noting that if Fox News collapses as a network, it is going to be because — once the Zionists are fully exposed to the US public — Fox News is going to be seen for the shameless slut it has been, bending over for the Zionists and lying for the Zionists and betraying the public trust every single day they have been in existence.

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