Robert Steele: How Our Military Can Help Defend the Border UPDATE 13: Trump Wins, Acting SecDef to be Replaced?

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How Our Military Can Help Defend the Border

Engineers, forward observers, intelligence, infantry patrols, rapid deportation logisticians….

Robert David Steele

Few people outside of the Department of Defense (DoD) understand that in preparation for winning two major theater wars, DoD has within its ranks hundreds of thousands of specialists – and tens of thousands of pieces of construction equipment as well as theater and tactical intelligence equipment able to surveil and deny key terrain – all of which are in peacetime available for training missions within the USA that support the President's domestic objectives.  There cannot be a more important domestic objective than the defense of our borders.[1]

DoD is immediately able to bring to bear formidable resources, ideally in the context of a larger “grand strategy” that seeks to deter as well as prevent illegal immigration and the smuggling of drugs and humans – including children most of whom are being moved by human traffickers, not their parents – across our borders.[2] The National Guard, fully integrated with the active and reserve force, is part of the solution – uniquely, National Guard members are eligible for law enforcement commissions on a state by state basis, and can if so empowered (operating under state authority) become a vital hybrid force able to access law enforcement databases and work easily with both law enforcement in their home state, and their national military counterparts.

Engineering Assets

Apart from the Army Corps of Engineers,[3] each military service has its own major engineering organization ideally suited to creating — very quickly and far less expensively than any contracted effort — a series of defensive physical barriers across the southern border combined with active military patrols able to totally deny free passage to anyone and anything. From the US Army Corps of Engineers to the Service engineering units there are within DoD no fewer than 15,000 immediately assignable uniformed and civilian engineers who would be supported by logisticians and others as needed, and another 15,000 infantry and aviation personnel highly skilled at the interdiction of individual guerrilla fighters – or illegal aliens and contraband smugglers.

Imagine if instead of trying to devise a “national” standard wall at absurd expense — $24 million a mile is beyond foolish[4] – the President directed the Secretary of Defense to issue “mission-type” orders to the ACE and the Services – the Marine Corps gets the California and New Mexico borders to protect; the Army get the Arizona and Texas borders; the Air Force assumes responsibility for air-based surveillance of the entire border; and the ACE renders direct support to all four state authorities in building walls “fast and furious.”

Infantry, Aviation, & Intelligence Assets

Tens of thousands of Marine Corps and Army infantry, thousands of all-service aviation, and hundreds of all-service intelligence professionals are immediately available to create a “no go” zone running 1,300 miles from the Pacific Coast of California to the Gulf coast of Texas.

Below is my depiction of a “mission-type” order that could be given by the new Secretary of Defense if directed to do so by the President as part of a national emergency:

The above construct provides for three levels of homeland defense provided by DoD “by, with, and through” state authorities:

Level 1: US Air Force persistent wide-area and precision surveillance of the entire border, inclusive of “big data” processing and a new program in collaboration with the National Security Agency (NSA) that can track all active cellular telephones moving north by vehicle and on foot.

Level 2: US Army Corps of Engineers direct support to each state authority, ideally in partnership with the state university systems, to enable a national competition attracting volunteers and donations of materials to create physical obstacles along a coast to coast “no go” zone.[5]

Level 3: US Marine Corps and US Army (and at sea, US Navy) active persistent patrolling enabling the interception of every vehicle and pedestrian seeking to illicitly enter the US across the southern border.[6]

The Border Patrol Wants the Wall

The primary value of a wall is to enable very limited numbers of Border Patrol personnel to cover a very large desolate area where slow-moving vehicles cannot possibly contain the incessant challenge of hundreds of individuals, many of them children being trafficked, others criminal, seeking to cross the border each evening.

The Border Patrol wants the wall.[7] We need to give them this tool, but even more so, we need to give them the full support of our so-called Department of DEFENSE (DoD) and its engineering, infantry, aviation, and intelligence personnel.


[1] It is established without challenge that the President has the power to declare a national emergency and direct military resources toward the resolution of the root challenge demanding his declaration. Where the media and the Democrats seems to fall short is in not acknowledging the Department of Defense (DoD) is responsible for DEFENSE, and that the defense of our border’s integrity is certainly a legitimate military mission in a time of national emergency.  Cf. David Welna, “Yes, The President Can Declare A ‘National Emergency' To Build A Wall,” National Public Radio, 9 January 2019. See also Scott A. Keisler, “President Trump Needs to Declare a State of Emergency,” Truth and Liberty Blog, 10 January 2019 and Dave Bertrand, “Congress’ Refusal to Secure the Southern Border Violates Its National Security Mission, ‘Aiding and Abetting' the Overthrow of America 18 U.S. Code § 2385,”, 10 January 2019.

[2] Walls are one essential part of the solution but not the whole solution. E-Verify is not yet ready for mandatory 100% use but is an obvious area where the President can insist that it be used for both employment and lodging while providing a sufficiency of resources to make it work. “Error Rates in E-Verify,”, 14 August 2018. A strong foreign assistance and deterrence program is clearly important, to include robust assistance to Mexico in securing its own southern border. Finally, the needs of US employers for seasonal workers who can be tracked, and the reality that most of the US below the Guadalupe-Hidalgo boundary is both Mexican in ethnic origin and Native American tribal in its original demographic, must be acknowledged. The below map is demographic reality.


It is vital to observe that the illegal immigration problem is about Other Than Mexicans (OTM), and about drugs that are being imported with the active collaboration of entire state law enforcement and judiciary networks that have been compromised. It is also vital to observe that the change of immigration policy from one of “greatest value” to “family chain migration” is the single largest legal impediment to reinstating cultural balance in the USA.

[3] The Army Corps of Engineers has spent as much as 49.3 billion in military and civil works (Fiscal Year 2008).  In recent years its budget has been closer to $20 billion a year, much of that overseas. Two of its divisions are directly focused on the southern border: the South Pacific Division and the Southwestern Division. With roughly 36,000 employees (almost 800 military, the balance civilian), it supervises over 300,000 contractors on a daily basis. A pro forma briefing, “US Army Corps of Engineers,” is available from September 2014.

[4] A good summary is at Alex Nowrasteh, “The Cost of the Border Wall Keeps Climbing and It’s Becoming Less of a Wall,” CATO At Liberty, 8 January 2019. It merits comment that the wall should be designed solely to block humans – tunnels cannot be effectively blocked by a wall, tunnels need to be found through constant underground pulsing by intelligence forces using electromagnetic pulse devices.

[5] There are legitimate reservations about putting walls across specific tribal lands, nature reserves, and locally-owned farmland. By combining infantry and aviation patrolling with interspersed walls and more personnel and technology for the Border Patrol, we achieve near-perfect border integrity.

[6] Camp Pendleton in California is one of the largest Marine Corps installations in the world. Fort Huachuca in Arizona is one of the US Army’s most important intelligence training facilities and ideally suited to host a major US Army task force. Other facilities exist for the respective services in New Mexico and Texas. A Grand Strategy consistent with the President’s campaign promises has been devised and calls for the closure of all of our military bases overseas and the withdrawal of all US forces from elective wars and elective guerrilla campaigns – this will not only free up resources for this vital border protection operation, it will bring our troops and their wallets home to reinforce the economy as the Federal Reserve and Wall Street try to further undermine our President and our public. Robert Steele, “Grand Strategy, Global Reality, & Re-Inventing US National Security Centered on Re-Inventing the US Army,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 8 September 2016.

[7] Stephen Dinan, “Border Patrol agents overwhelmingly support Trump's wall in new survey,” Washington Times, 2 April 2018; more recently see Editors, “Border Patrol Chief: ‘We Certainly Need a Wall, Any Agent Will Tell You That‘,” FoxNewsInsider (Video & Text), 13 December 2018. The Border Patrol also needs additional personnel and more technology, see Ron Nixon, “What Border Agents Say They Want (It’s Not a Wall),” New York Times, 22 March 2018. The NYT lies a lot, the Border Patrol wants a wall, more people, and more technology; that is precisely the point of this expanded “no holds barred” proposal to put the entire capability of DoD in support of the Border Patrol.

DOC (4 Pages):  How Our Military Can Help Defend the Border 1.7

Robert David Steele was recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017.He is a former Marine Corps infantry officer, CIA spy, civil servant co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, and the leading proponent for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). He is a prolific author with over 2,500 published reviews across 97 categories of non-fiction. A very early supporter of our President he wrote “Counter-Coup: How Trump Can Win” in August 2015, and went on to author the Trump Revolution Series, all 30 items available free online and as Amazon Kindle’s.  His one-page call out to the President can be read at He has been interviewed three times as a potential Secretary  of Defense, here, here, and here — a totally implausible candidate as long as Zionist agents occupy key positions in the White House.


This is the record copy updated as necessary.  Also published but not updated at:



The El Chapo Trial Shows Trump Is All Wrong About Drugs

Phi Beta Iota: The above article makes a vital point: drugs come through the secured points — it is individual illegal aliens that would be blocked by wall segments. The bottom line is that the US Government does not have a holistic honest integrated policy for dealing with all aspects of illicit entries into the USA, whether of prohibited substances or prohibited individuals.


Secrecy News: Can the Defense Department Build a Border Wall? (CRS)


Secure Borders Protect Immigrant Communities: Immigrants are the most vulnerable to transnational gangs.

UPDATE 5: Failing Grade for President & Acting SecDef

01 We the People are NOT happy with the President playing dead for Nancy Pelosi.  Accepting 5.7 billion in return for Amnesty violates the President's promise to all of us, and can be construed as a betrayal of the public trust.

Trump’s Pyrrhic Deal

Ending showdown with Pelosi, Trump postpones State of Union

The President Yields on Immigration

02 The Acting Secretary of Defense, perhaps out of ignorance, perhaps because the Service Chiefs do not want to have anything to do with border defense (which is a legitimate Department of Defense mission), is slow-rolling the President.  The Army Corps of Engineers should be joined by the combat engineering elements of the four services (Sea Bees of the US Navy, Red Horse Squadron of the US Air Force, Combat Engineers of the US Army, and put to work.

03 The map below shows all the countries where taxpayer money is being used to create terrorists and stimulate illegal immigrants toward Europe and the USA.  This should not be allowed to continue. We should close all our military bases overseas, bring all of our troops home with the exception of Defense Attaches, and focus on America First, here at home.


UPDATE 6: White House National Emergency, $7B Still a Failing Grade

White House Drafting National Emergency Proclamation To Include $7B For Border Wall

This is progress but still a failing grade.

a) the President must reject with clarity all amnesty provisions that are inconsistent with his campaign promises.

b) the President needs to learn that he is being slow-rolled by the Services and the Acting Secretary of Defense — he can DOUBLE DoD engineering if he demands Service combat engineers get involved and he can TRIPLE DoD impact over all if he demands infantry patrols, aviation surveillance, and logistics support from DoD to Border Patrol.

It will take years for the new technology and new hires to be put into play. DoD can deploy engineers, infantry, and aviation NOW. They don't want to. The President needs a Secretary of Defense who can move the beast.

UPDATE 7: Strategic Pause for Super Bowl

‘Biggest wimp ever to serve as president': Conservatives bash Trump on ending shutdown without border money

The ultra conservatives don't get it. The Super Bowl is what made the President accept a strategic pause. There was no getting around the TSA and air traffic controller bumps in the road. The three week deal is not a surrender, it is a pause.  Not yet clear are three things:

01 Whether State of the Union will announce the global currency reset, gold-backed dollar, nationalization of the Federal Reserve, and trillion dollar bottom up gift into the economy;

02 Whether a new Secretary of Defense will be chosen by the President, one with the balls and the brains to end the slow-rolling of the border defense need by the contractor now sitting in as Acting Secretary of Defense and letting the Services stone wall the need for a full defense presence on the border (Service combat engineers, infantry, air surveillance, logistics).

03 Whether arrests and military tribunals will finally be rolled out, starting with Dick Cheney and the Clintons.

The President has so much going for him.  We agree with Daniel Estulin — back Trump or lose everything. The Deep State and its Zionist underbelly must be wiped out.  Trump is the only one who can do this, at this time.

UPDATE 8: Legislated Waste from Which to Pay for Wall

It is clear the refusal to pay for the wall is political theater. For this reason alone the President must not back down.

Here Are 8 Wasteful Things Democrats Have Voted To Fund That Cost More Than The Border Wall

UPDATE 8: Mulvaney: Trump Will Build the Wall

Mulvaney: Trump Will Build The Wall “With Or Without Congress”

UPDATE 10: Wall Would Stop Export of US Kids for Pedophiles

Veterans Today: Notes on Trump and the Wall

Illegal immigrants coming over the Mexico border who are in fact part of a growing and developing network …. whose sole job is to network to get USA children back to the Mexico border… to avoid compromising Mexican drug and human trafficking kiddie smugglers who are suspected and being watched ….. USA KIDDIES for export into extreme international paedophile satanist networks… to be cannibalised and tortured and killed.

UPDATE 11: Hemp-Crete Much Cheaper

Koko: Hemp or Hempcrete for Building from Homes to “The Wall”

UPDATE 12: CRS Report

Steven Aftergood


The use of military forces to perform domestic functions — such as constructing barriers along the US-Mexico border — could pose fundamental legal, policy and administrative challenges.

“Military forces operating freely within civilian jurisdictions risk upsetting the constitutional balance between civil authority, the military, and the private sector,” the Army said this week in a newly updated manual.

Therefore, “Army leaders must ensure that even in a catastrophic event, Army support remains within the boundaries of constitutional principles, U.S. laws, DOD policies, and Army regulations,” the manual said. See Defense Support of Civil Authorities, Army Doctrine Publication 3-28, February 11, 2019.

As a practical matter, the Army publication said, “Commanders should begin by viewing each domestic operational environment as an assortment of civil authorities, each with primacy in its jurisdiction.”

When it comes to the possible use of military forces for construction on the US-Mexico border, there is in fact a multiplicity of government and private authorities that have primacy over different parts of the border.

A briefing slide prepared by the Congressional Research Service last week identified no fewer than six federal agencies with jurisdiction over portions of the border: Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Department of Defense, Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Service, and National Park Service. Still other portions of the border are under tribal authority or are privately held. See Background: Using Defense Funds for Construction in a National Emergency, CRS briefing slides, February 6, 2019 (at p. CRS-4).

Use of the military to construct barriers along the border would normally require coordination and cooperation with each of the affected parties. But if the President were to declare a national emergency, such requirements could potentially be set aside, placing the “constitutional balance” at risk.

“Even in a worst-case national emergency, the military will always operate under civilian control,” the new Army publication said.

UPDATE 13: Trump Wins, Acting SecDef to be Replaced?

The Hill: Why Trump will win the wall fight

SPECIAL: Yes, Trump Has Authority to Declare National Emergency for Border Wall

Phi Beta Iota: Acting SecDef must have a death wish. Time to nominate.

Acting Pentagon chief not decided yet on funding border wall

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