BREAKING: Ed Jewett: YouTube Collapsing — Advertisers Fleeing From Pedophilia Networks [Robert Steele: YouTube Has a SYSTEM-WIDE Failure That ENCOURAGES Pedophilia and STOLEN IDENTITIES and COPYRIGHT violations] UPDATE 1: Soooeeeeee

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YouTube loses advertisers over “wormhole into pedophilia ring”

Epic Games and Disney pull ads over pedophiles' comments on videos of children.

“Videos of children showing their exposed buttocks, underwear and genitals are racking up millions of views on YouTube—with the site displaying advertising from major cosmetics and car brands alongside the content,” Wired UK wrote. “Comments beneath scores of videos appear to show pedophiles sharing timestamps for parts of the videos where exposed genitals can be seen, or when a child does the splits or lifts up their top to show their nipples… The videos are also being monetized by YouTube, including pre-roll adverts from Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Fortnite, Grammarly, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Metro: Exodus, Peloton and Banner advertising for Google and the World Business Forum also appeared alongside some of the videos.”

Read full expose with links to WIRED and other exposes.


Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  I and various others including Edward Snowden (whom I do not know) have been having major problems that have been reported repeatedly to YouTube, which has blow all of us off.  There are three sub-sets to YouTube's system wide failure.

Sub-Set One: Bangldeshi, Pakistani, and Vietnamese entrepeneurs have learned that they can create STOLEN IDENTITY channels, such as the one shown below for me that has been REPEATEDLY REPORTED AS FRAUDULENT:

Robert David Steele, 13,961 subscribers

YouTube is complicit in fraud because it is maliciously (with knowledge of falsity) monetizing the theft of my identity and the theft of my living performances that were intended to be exclusive to the fine people that interviewed me in the first place.  I plan  to file a federal lawsuit against YouTube in March but in relation to this pedophilia problem, want to point out that YouTube has a SYSTEM WIDE PROBLEM that it is not addressing.

Sub-Set Two: YouTube has the same fraud problem  that Facebook has, over half of its channels and endusers are fake.  Just as Zuckerberg should be going to jail for SEC and related valuation fraud — Facebook's market cap should be half what it is since half its base does not exist, so also should YouTube be held accountable  for ACTIVELY ENCOURAGING FRAUD.

Sub-Set Three: YouTube is controlled by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), its “trusted flagger,” and it is complicit in allowing the ADL to violate the First Amendment and Title 7 rights of both conservative and progressive channels that dare to challenge the official Deep State and Shadow Government narratives for which the Zionists serve as the “enforcers.”  Below are some of the channels YouTube has destroyed without due process:

  • Adams, Mike
  • Allen, Richie
  • CommonSenseShow (Dave Hodges)
  • Corsi, Jerome REINSTATED
  • Destroying the Illusion (Jordan Sather)
  • Khait, Anna
  • Frost, TItus
  • Health Masters (Ted Broer)
  • Johnson, Caitlin (Facebook, Twitter) REINSTATED
  • Johnston, Miles
  • Morphoneous, Jake
  • Peach, Charlie (Twitter)
  • Richie from Boston (hired lawyer, reinstated)
  • Stone, Roger (Twitter)
  • The Gateway Pundit (Jim Hoft, Facebook)
  • Trump, Donald (Facebook, algorithm blockage)
  • Victuras Libertas (Jim and Angie Blake)
  • Yiannopoulos, Milo (Twitter)

I am an aggrieved party and continue to call for a RICO investigation into YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter because some of my best interviews were done with some of these channels (Victurus Libertas particularly). YouTube has caused me social and financial harm in eradicating the best of my digital living performances.

YouTube is part of a larger construct I call #GoogleGestapo — it includes Amazon (banning books, reviewers, and selective reviews); Facebook, Google (manipulating polls and searches to include digital assassination — for example, many of my articles in Tehran Times, which is indexed by GoogleNews, do not appear in GoogleNews  but do appear in Google Search — someone at GoogleNews appears to have done a precision censorship job on my best recent articles), Twitter, and YouTube.  Reddit and Wikipedia and WordPress are all deplatforming with impunity as well.  Wikipedia is actually selling editing lock-downs or free passes to lie on Wikipedia, $150,000 seems to be the donation level that buys that privilege.

Of course the Zionists (the ADL and AIPAC in particular) love pedophiles — Jeffrey Epstein is their boy, a fake billionaire assigned to entrap just about everybody on video doing bad  things to small children.

The time has come to create a truth channel that cannot be used to censor, manipulate, and digitally assassinate people trying to tell the truth.

I have been offered $200M to do just that.  I am looking for another $800M.

The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.

Robert David Steele

UPDATE 1: Soooeeeeee

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