Francois Roby: 9/11 Nuclear Demolition

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Francois Roby

What is basic physics worth?: Orders of magnitude, energy, and overconfidence in technical refinements

ABSTRACT: Physics is often perceived as a science of complex and precise calculations, making possible any sorts of technical “miracles” in the midst of which we live. However, the basis of the discipline does not lie in these refinements, but in a small number of laws that should be rigorously applied; it also lies in the physicists’ ability to perform justified approximations. A striking and well documented feature of 9/11 attacks in New York City is persisting fires and high temperatures in the World Trade Center ruins.    . . .   Only the opportunistic use of a built-in nuclear demolition feature, designed at the same time as the World Trade Center itself, is a technically viable explanation.

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Exchange aabout Khalezov  Below the Fold

It is true that no mention is made of Khalezov in the abstract, because of length and because this intends to be a scientific paper. However mention of him, and of Heinz Pommer (a German citizen I am in contact with, who made a lot of work about nuclear demolition) is made in the acknowledgements part at the end. I have read entirely Khalezov’s book “911thology” (1161 pages if I recall correctly) and he is *the* person who made me think about nuclear demolition. Moreover, it is because I intended to prove he was wrong that I ended demonstrating he was (apart from details) right. However, I can certify he is talking about *deep underground big nukes*, not nuclear explosives planted in trucks. He’s talking about 150 kt nukes placed 77 m below ground surface (for WTC1 and WTC2, about the same for WTC7). But maybe he also told you something about the 1993 WTC “terrorist attack” which was also nuclear but at a much smaller scale, and using vehicles in the basement levels according to him. He addresses also this point in “911thology” but I don’t remember the details as I concentrated on 9/11.

Phi Beta Iota; 911 Theology by Dimitri Khalezov is free online at the link below. He asserts that anyone who wants to build a skyscraper in NYC must submit a satisfactory demolition plan to the building authorities before the project is approved. On 9/11, the demolition plan of the World Trade Center (‘WTC’) was activated to destroy the complex.

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