Yoda: Wrong, Trump Is, on 5G — Sample “Presidential Brief” Plus 5G RECAP (It Will Kill You and Be Used to Ration Energy By Name)

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“Mr. President, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about 5G in about two minutes.”

Starting just after 29 minutes into this video that first promotes drones, watch President Trump receive a 2-minute “techno-snow job” in June of 2017, on the urgent need to put in 5G in cities and communities all across America to replace fibre optic.

Video and additional data below the fold.

The briefing explains how this will support the faster speeds required to support the Internet of Things, drones, and the fastest wifi possible – all required for America to be technologically in the lead globally.

No mention, no hint of any concerns about the well-proven damage to health caused by wi-fi that will worsen greatly with 5G, no reference to the refusal of insurance companies to insure people for health damages caused by 5G and cumulative wi-fi exposure.

But Trump asks no questions about these concerns and seems to completely accept the rosy “blue skies” assessment.

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