Stephen E. Arnold: Google’s Discrimination Algorithms… PBI: #GoogleGestapo NEEDS a Massive Class Action Lawsuit!

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Stephen E. Arnold

Google and Anti Disinformation

Lest anyone wonder what, exactly, Google is doing to fight disinformation on its platforms, the company has compiled that information in a white paper presented at the recent Munich Security Conference. Techspot tells us, “Google Presents Its Anti-Fake News System in Detail.” Reporter Greg Synek gives us the highlights; we learn:

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Readers can download the full Google rules pdf here.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: My articles in Tehran Times, which is fully indexed by Google News, are being explicitly censored by Google News.  I am consulting an attorney as this appears to be a clear case of discrimination and a violation of my free speech rights (settled law, 1st Amendment trumps private property). We have even conceptualized a legal publicity term, “right to be noticed” to go along with the now infamous European term “right to be forgotten.” Google and the rest of the #GoogleGestapo social media ecology is both out of control, and controlled by enemies of the United States of America. It’s time to legally disarm them and start over.

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