Berto Jongman: Zionists Go After White Supremacists (PBI: Via Captive FBI)

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Berto Jongman

The Fight in the Right: It is Time to Tackle White Supremacist Terrorism Globally

A report from the Anti-Defamation League reports, “In 2018, domestic extremists killed at least 50 people in the U.S., a sharp increase from the 37 extremist-related murders documented in 2017,” and that “White supremacists were responsible for the great majority of the killings, which is typically the case.” The organization’s heat map for 2018 shows 1,318 incidents ranging from propaganda to murder tied to white supremacy across the United States.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I knew Rob Levinson before he lost his integrity and his mind to Zionism.  Now he works for AIPAC and is actively seeking to undermine the Constitution of the United States of America — he (and every person associated with AIPAC) should be under investigation by the FBI for sedition.  There is no white supremacist threat to anything.  There is a white nationalist constituency gradually falling prey to the calculated Zionist strategy of open borders, multiculturalism, and “anything goes” liberalism that seeks to normalize pedophilia, bestialiy, and many other forms of perversion, while actively poisoning the population in partnership with the Deep State’s agents across Big Ag, Big Pharma, etcetera. Levinson’s article is intellectually and morally dishonest in part because it accepts false flag and active shooter events as if they were real rather than contrivied.  The Zionists are behind or complicit with most false flags and particularly the most heinious fo them all, the USS Liberty and 9/11. His article is useful mostly as a window into AIPAC — an unregistered agent of the foreign power known as the Zionist uninvented genocidal apartheid criminal state of Israel — wants the majority who have lost the ability to think for themselves, to think.

Now, this respect to the ADL article cited, it is full of shit.  They ignore all the black on black shootings, and they ignore the reality that the police — many of them trained by the Zionists to treat US citizens as “cockroaches,” kill 100 times more people than any other group — over 4,000 a year, to be clear on this point.  Rob Levinson and the ADL are full of shit and seditious.  They should be investigated, indicted, and convicted of inciting violation and unlawful repression against whites.

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