Paul Adams: Donald Trump’s Zionist Intimates

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Paul Adams


(DOI: December 2016)

In combination with Jerusalem, Golan, tolerance of 27 states owned by Israel, AIPAC not being registered as an agent of a foreign power, Epstein as a Mossad operation, there are grounds for concern.


  • Jared Kushner – Senior Advisor
  • Ivanka Kushner – Advisor
  • Lara Lea Yunaska – Daughter-in-law (wife of Eric)
  • Vanessa Haydon – Daughter-in-law (ex-wife of Don Jr.)
  • Amalija Ulčnik (maiden name) – Melania’s mother


  • Sheldon Adelson – Backer/Advisor
  • Carl Icahn – Backer/Advisor
  • Lew Eisenberg – Chairman
  • Elliott Broidy – Vice Chair
  • Ron Weiser – Vice Chair
  • Melvin Sembler – Vice Chair
  • Samuel Fox – Vice Chair
  • Melvin Sembler – Vice Chair


  • Stephen Feinberg
  • Diane Hendricks
  • John Paulson
  • Richard Roberts
  • Steve Roth
  • Harold Hamm
  • Andy Beal
  • Brooke Rollins
  • Tom Barrack
  • Steve Calk
  • Wilbur Ross – tapped as Commerce Sec.
  • Steve Mnuchin – tapped as Treasury Sec.
  • David Malpass – Sr. Economic Advisor
  • Howard Lorber – Sr. Economic Advisor


  • Paul Achleitner – CEO Deutsche Bank (Trump’s largest lender)
  • Alan Fishman – CEO Ladder Capital (Trump 2nd largest lender)


  • Michael Cohen – Special Counsel
  • Alan Garden – VP & Gen. Counsel
  • David Friedman – Special Counsel and Co-Chair of Israeli Advisory Committee
  • Jason Greenblatt – Chief Legal Advisor & Co-Chair of Israeli Advisory Committee


  • Corey Lewandowski – Campaign Manager
  • Michael Glassner – Deputy Campaign Manager
  • Daniel Kowalski – Deputy Policy Director
  • Steve Mnuchin – National Finance Chairman
  • Lawrence Weitzner – Lead Ad Maker
  • Jason Miller – Sr. Communications Director
  • Stephen Miller – National Policy Director
  • Ron Lauder – Advisor
  • Boris Epshtein – Senior Advisor


  • Lawrence Glick – Exec VP Strategic Dev.
  • Ronald Lieberman – Exec. VP Mgmt & Development
  • Amanda Miller – VP Marketing
  • Eli Miller – COO
  • David Horowitz – Sr. VP of Acquisition
  • George Ross – Exec VP & Senior Counsel
  • Keith Shiller – Director of Security
  • Andy Weiss – Exec VP
  • Allen Weisselberg – Exec VP & CFO
  • Bill Shine – Communications Director

DOC (2 Pages):  Trump Zionist Circles DOI December 2016

ROBERT STEELE, I personally, and this web site that I manage, will continue to give the President the benefit of the doubt, until 1 January 2020. My intent in allowing this post, and other posts challenging the President’s failure to defend the Constitution (especially the 1st, 2nd, & 4th Amendments), and the President’s failure to #UNRIG the system he so famously pronounced to be rigged, is to sound the alarm. Trump is losing a significant portion of his base. Beyond his own circle are the treasonous networks managed by the MEGA Group (co-founded by Wexner and Bronfman, who are said to have funded by Epstein and 9/11) and the nationwide network of active traitors managed by AIPAC and ADL.

I continue to believe that President Donald Trump is a patriot and a pragmatist who will, at the right moment (as Q says, “Zionists last”) place America First in every respect, but legitimate concerns are mounting within the base, and 70% of our eligible voters are still disenfranchised. My intent is that he win righteously, by making an honest Congress in 2022 possible, with 100 Independent, Libertarian, and Green Members who do not caucus with either wing of the two-party tyranny. I want #UNRIG passed as legislation before Election Day 2020.

ADDENDUM: The French shadow foreign minister is absolutely certain that President Trump is carrying out a MAGNIFICANT anti-Zionist campaign (not anti-Israel) and that Epstein plus 9/11 are two aces that guarantee America First over Israel First in the second term but not before. China, Egypt, Iran, Russia, Turkey all in agreement: Israel to be uninvented, Palestine to be restored. It is possible the First Son-in-Law is being used in a clever way.

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