DefDog: The Zionist Fifth Column – Gullible Bribable Christian Evangelicals

Civil Society, Corruption, Cultural Intelligence, Government, Law Enforcement

A good historical overview. Includes role of money and a fake Bible that leads the gullible into embracing the Zionist agenda (which is not the Jewish faith and not consistent with the actual Bible).

How Jewish Elites Infiltrated US Protestants, Creating a Powerful Pro-Israel Lobby Among Gullible Evangelicals

Phi Beta Iota: The FBI and other elements of the US Government turn a blind eye to religious treason and the use of religions as a form of subversion. This is by design. We ourselves do not have the knowledge necessary to evaluate various versions of the Bible and other ancient text — there is clearly a need for a deep trusted look at history and public education that eliminates the ability of foreign powers to subvert the USA through its own citizens.  Below is noteworthy for its distinction between Zionism and Judaism (the latter just one of the tribes and a fallen tribe at that according to this source), and also a distinction between ancient giants possibly of extraterrestrial origin that were the original object of attack by Moses and those he led, and homo sapiens today, particularly in the USA, which seems to be under attack by a Satanic cabal seeking to depopulate, drug up, dumb down, and continue enslaving.

Did Israel Genocide the Bronze Age Empires? 

Is Our War With the Nephilim?

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