Ed Jewett: Joseph Farrell on Sailor Suicides in Context of Electromagnetic (Fatal) Soup – 5G Connection

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“… unintended emotional and mental consequences of working in an environment where crew are basically immersed in an electromagnetic soup”

“thermal heating in biological tissue when working around newer radar and communications systems.”

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ROBERT STEELE: The USA has long very very irresponsible to the point of criminal liability on the subject of electromagnetic emissions control. In the 1980's he Soviets were known to have ten to one hundred times more emissions control than the USA. As recently as in Afghanistan US  systems kept screwing each other up (drones, aircraft radars, anti-aircraft radars, satellite communications, range finders, all converging in a “soup” that left many not working to standard). The Department of Defense is 50% waste, cannot win wars, and is killing its own people. The President desperately needs to get a grip on the totality — the true costs — of all that we are doing wrong.  He does that with a Strategy Advisory Group and an Open Source Agency.

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