Wayne Jett: Policing Global Graft

09 Justice, 10 Transnational Crime, Corruption, Government

POLICING GLOBAL GRAFT: Odds Favored The Grafters, Until Now

Consider the protections given to Establishment politicians against prosecution for fraud and corruption while in office, particularly when the fraud and corruption occurs on the international scene as compared with domestically. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has opened yet another
investigation of President Donald Trump to gather evidence sufficient to
impeach him and remove him from his elected office as president.

What has provoked this drastic action by Speaker Pelosi? The president has expressed interest in investigations by the Ukrainian government regarding financial transactions (potentially corrupt) by Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden during the senior Biden’s service in office as the U. S. Vice President. Are elected officials of the U.S. government actually entitled to protection from investigation by any foreign government relating to potentially corrupt activities while in office? Apparently so, but only if the official involved is an Establishment operative.

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