Robert Steele: Is President Trump Impeachable? The Clinton Memo & More….

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

I want President Donald Trump re-elected. That is in my view the shortest least violent path toward restoring the integrity of the US Congress (if the President embraces #UNRIG), and also strengthening the US Supreme Court.

At this time, however, the President is not defending the US Constitution and that, I believe, is an impeachable offense.  I pray he  takes note.

Hillary Clinton’s Zombie Impeachment Memo That Could Help Fell Trump

“Because impeachment of a President is a grave step for the nation, it is to be predicated only upon conduct seriously incompatible with either the constitutional form and principles of our government or the proper performance of constitutional duties of the presidential office,” the House staffers concluded.

Here is my summary of my concerns about the President's failure to defend the Constitution of the USA, and particularly the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments:

The current “BigTech” inquiry is failing to include Facebook, MeetUp, Twitter, and YouTube. The Attorney General is simply not being serious. The abject failure of the Attorney General to take on the 27 unconstitutional laws making it a felony to criticize Zionist Israel for its genocidal apartheid mis-behavior, and the failure of the Attorney General to sound the alarm and stop both red flag gun confiscation as well as false flag events intended to advance the gun confiscation agenda, will all reflect on the President on Election Day.

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