Yoda: Europe is Burning, MSM Censoring Story — 5G Down?

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Alert Reader in Netherlands says:

Omg, Europe is on fire, really. The Gillet Jaunes are STILL going, not missed a week=france lit Catalania politicians are jailed for 10-13 years= catalania lit! people are fuming! Netherland farmers continue to protest. They are barging down gouverment doors, literally. Dutch are LIT! When they where marching in, police was present inside to protect the politicians. They have beaten down protesters. This is turning very grim. The army is being called in now. thats how bad its getting! The farmers are locking down entire highway's. In some parts they are spraying local gouverment buildings with hay. I saw this in a compiled newsshow but did not find the original vid. The press is now also being harassed in some cities as well.

Dutch 5G protests are growing, Switzerland is up in rage for 5G and they are mass protesting everywhere.

Multiple videos below the fold.

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