Ed Jewett: Is Israel Holding US Nuclear Plants Hostage?

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Buried on Jim Stone's front page:

Everyone is skeptical of the Deagel report saying America's population would be reduced by 200 million before 2025.

That's not far flung at all, here is how it could happen:

This has also been a major report on this site since 2012 -All of America's nuclear facilities are sitting on about 20X as much spent fuel as they were designed to handle. The original system for this was static safety – the fuel pools were so huge that even with no cooling systems the few cores they were supposed to have would never cause a problem, they'd just sit there doing basically nothing. However, with 20X the fuel load, if all cooling was lost, they'd boil off and burn. The end result would be about as bad as 20 Fukushimas X 200 nuclear facilities, And this is precisely why the left has succeeded in preventing American nuclear facilities from (for the most part) recycling that fuel, and (almost entirely) from moving it to a safe location elsewhere. It was an act of war, and the ultimate kill shot for the United States.

IF the left decides it is going down, Israel's version of Stuxnet, which was tested at Browns Ferry to make sure it would work before Fukushima was done, is likely in an enormous number of American nuclear facilities awaiting the command to activate. Obviously there were patches for this virus, but what about operation Talpiot, and re-writing things to make them unknown about again? Given this scenario, I'd say the Deagel report might be a bit more insider than stated, if the communists can't get America into the New World Order, they are very likely to pull their nuclear disaster they have been setting up since 1980 and turn the United States into a nuclear hell zone. THAT would get the population reduced by 200 million no sweat.

The bottom line with all of this is that Trump may win, but the enemy, with a “burn it to the ground” attitude may get the last laugh. Israel's samson option is indeed a reality, and I believe there's a lot more to that option than mere nukes at embassies. America can get over being nuked, but it won't recover from 150 1, 000 ton nuclear fuel fires.

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