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IEEE Warns About 5G, Bluetooth, Cell Phone, and WiFi Radiation Exposure

By B.N. Frank

IEEE has issued health warnings before about wireless radiation exposure. They seem to doing it again.  Thanks to Joel Moskowitz, PhD for providing details:

Electromagnetic Radiation due to Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies: How safe are we?

Naren, Elhence A, Chamola V. Guizani M. Electromagnetic Radiation due to Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies: How safe are we? IEEE Access. 4:1-21. 2019. DOI 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.2976434

Frist Excerpt re 5G

Due to the extremely high density of BSs [base stations, i.e., cell antenna sites], street light access points, separate indoor BSs, relays and Massive MIMO [multiple input multiple output] technology employed in 5G, a person will be exposed to very high levels of PFDs [power flux densities], whether he is indoors or outdoors, or whether or not he is using any wireless devices in close proximity. In other words, it may be suspected that even the ambient PFD which a person is exposed to in most situations throughout the day may fall under the category of “Severe Concern” according to the Building Biology Standard, “Far above normal” according to the AMA [Austrian Medical Association] standards, and may be higher than the precautionary action level recommended by the BioInitiative Guidelines. If 5G networks are deployed without careful analysis of expected exposure levels, almost all people in the area of coverage may be exposed to dangerous levels of PFD, the outcomes of which, in the near future, may turn out to be calamitous.

Second Excerpt re 5G (emphasis added):

“Now I am going to make the link to the electromagnetic fields. An acquaintant physician in Switzerland who is a main mold researcher in Europe made a beautiful experiment. He grew mold cultures under a Faraday cage simply like a silver coat, it looks like a mosquito net, that is made out of silver-coated cloth. [It had] been draped over the mold culture. And he measured how much mycotoxins, how much toxins, are these molds producing on a daily basis. Very easy to do. Then he lifted the mosquito net and exposed the mold culture to the ambient electromagnetic radiation in his laboratory, which was caused by the lights that were on, by the computer in the corner, and especially, and he found out later, the ambient cell phone radiation, from the nearby cell phone tower that was broadcasting cell phone radiation. He found out that the production of biotoxins in this culture went up more than 600 times. Not only that the mold suddenly put out significantly more mycotoxins to protect themselves, but also much more virulent, much more vicious, more poisonous mycotoxins. And I took that experiment as was for me a big lightbulb went on….

Phi Beta Iota: Alert Reader observes that this besides the InPower Movement 5G Notice of Liability about to come online, the RFK Jr. / Childrens Health Defense FCC EMF standards case, and the Irregulators vs. the FCC  monumental material and financial fraud case, of which this can now be a part — can very likely shut down the SMART grid.

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ROBERT STEELE: As a professional intelligence officer, and as a pioneer recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize because of my integration of holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), I have to repeat over and over again that a major role for intelligence and counterintelligence is to keep our country safe from traitors and criminals within our borders. The US Government decision-making process is a pay to play process, it lacks ethics, it is not based on evidence. If we are  to Make America Great Again, we MUST provide the President, all Cabinet officers and particularly the Secretary of Defense (who spends 60% of our disposable annual budget), with the TRUTH about EVERYTHING.

The below comment is from Mark Steele, one of my experts, not a current relation but we probably go back in time to the 17th Century where my earliest known ancestor was a wool weaver in Great Britain.

The industry engineers are correct, which should be a stark reminder to those who are still spouting the fabricated lie that Non Ionizing radiation is safe. It is not,  the coherent radiation from 5G transmitters will prove lethal to biological life as we have always stated and the reason 5G technologies use on the battlefield have caused significant health problems to those operating in those areas.

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