Robert Steele: World Health Organization Lies, Weaponized Against the Public – Should USA Leave WHO? Fake Pandemic But Real Threat . .

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The World Health Organization (WHO) is lying and has been weaponized against the public .

I speculate that a proper investigation will find that WHO officials have been bribed or blackmailed to declare a pandemic.

This is a straight-up last-ditch effort by the Satanic cabal to survive Donald Trump by destroying Donald Trump. We are NOT suffering from a pandemic, this is a FAKE pandemic. What we have is a combination of five things:

01 Real bio-engineering virus, at least three types, with China, Italy, and Iran as deliberate targets of the Zionists and Gladio elements from Europe.

02 5G reductions of immunity everywhere 5G is present (coincident with all but one outbreaks) with radiation sickness being mis-diagnosed as biological virus.

03 Severe ignorance generally, some pre-planned malice specifically, in medical community owned by Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical companies lusting to sell a fake toxic vaccine as a universal mandatory vaccine.  Most of those being diagnosed with corona virus have either the normal flu or radiation sickness — most autopsies of those alleged to have died from corona virus are coming up negative — they did not die from corona virus.

04 Media has been weaponized by the Deep State against Donald Trump as well as the countries of China, Italy, and Iran, all in relation to various grudges including Italy having the temerity to be open to One Belt One Road, and opposed to Artificial Intelligence.

05 Failure of governments — particularly the governments of China, Iran, and the USA — to treat this as an act of war and counterintelligence challenge.  As I first recommended, we need a joint multinational task force and we need to start unmasking people who are contriving this global panic, and put them in jail.

WHO has probably been given a massive hundred billion dollar bribe from Bill Gates and assorted evil-doers, to overcome WHO's combination of bond anxiety and vestigal ethics. This is no more a pandemic than alcoholism is a pandemic.

If President Trump declares a national emergency he will be hurting himself and the country. What he should declare is a FAKE PANDEMIC, urge everyone to get back to school and back to work, and the start taking down every media outlet that continues to lie about this FAKE PANDEMIC.

There is real danger in  the sense that the Zionists and Gladio appear to be dropping new bio infections, and there may be some 5G and satellite microwave modulation going on to keep the fear alive.  These people need to be identified and shut down — as 5G and unmodulated satellite microwave need to be shut down.

Good news: there are weak signals the President Trump knows exactly what is going on, and is using this global situation as cover and context for some draconian actions against individuals, organizations, and systems. I pray this be so.

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